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10 Most Beautiful Places on Earth That You Never Knew Existed

10 Most Beautiful Places on Earth That You Never Knew. Yes most of us spend our lives surrounded by tall buildings, and we have no idea that there are several beautiful places that we might be too shocked to believe that they are real. The world is a beautiful place and since exploring such places might just be a mere dream, here is a list of some of the most spectacular sites that you will be shocked to find out.

  1. The Tunnel of Love

The tunnel is located at Kleven, Ukraine. It characterizes and old train rails that are surrounded by beautiful trees that are opposite each side of the rail. The trees are close to each other and bend on each side to form a tunnel-like shape. It’s a famous hotspot for lovers.

  1. The Ice Canyon

The Ice Canyon is such a spectacular site that is characterized by melted water and is approximately 150 feet deep.  It’s great view especially with the snow-white ice and a beautiful “blue river”.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef

This reef is located in the Coral Sea, Queensland, and Australia and is the largest reef in the world. It contains a wide variety of fish species and I a favorite spot for tourists and scuba divers.

  1. Wisteria Tunnel

This is one of the most spectacular sites in the world. The tunnel is located in Kawaji Fuji Garden, Japan. Beautiful flowering trees of different colors hand overhead to create a tunnel-like shape.

  1. Hotel La Montana Magica

The amazing-looking hotel is located in Huilo Huilo, which is a Private-Natural Reserve in the Lois Region of Chile. The hotel itself is mountain-like with a small “stream” flowing from the top. Tourists flock the place to have the unique experience it offers.

  1. The Blue Lagoon Hot Springs

The beautiful feature is located in Iceland where people take baths in the hot-springs that are heated by volcanic activity on the island. It’s a man-made water-body that is a tourist hotspot.

  1. The Ball Pyramid

The Ball Pyramid is located in the Pacific Ocean, Lord Howe Island and is approximately 562 meters high. It‘s considered as the world’s largest sea stack that was formed after the occurrence of a shield volcano estimated to be 7 million years old. It’s such an amazing sight to see.

  1. The Crooked Forest

As the name suggest, the features a huge number of pine trees whose trunks are bent. No one knows the cause of their deformity, but the place is magnificent.  The Crooked Forest is located close to Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania in Poland.


  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

It’s a popular tourist attraction characterized by terraces that were built on a rugged landscape on the coast of the Italian Riviera. It’s located in the Ligual Region of Italy, west of La Spezia city.

  1. Plitvice Lakes Nationa Park

The park is located South East Asia and is the oldest and the largest in Croatia. The park offers plenty of beautiful sceneries that include magnificent scenery featuring green surroundings, spectacular waterfalls as well as amazing lagoons.

The places are amazingly attractive and are some of the most visited places in the world due to their unique features.


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