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10 Naturally Beautiful Places To Visit In Pakistan

If you are planning a vacation and have got no idea where to go, well worry no more because Pakistan is the perfect place to be. The world is full of amazing natural features and Pakistan is blessed with some of the most magnificent sceneries. You will find beautiful valleys, huge mountains, amazing wildlife and many other wonderful places. Here are some of the best places that you might want to consider visiting during your vacation.

  1. Kalash Valley

Situated in the Chitral district of Pakistan, Kalash Valley is a popular tourist spot in Pakistan. The valley comprises of some unique house structures in a small villages with an amazing culture. The people in this village have got a Greek civilization where they have adapted their own culture as well as religion. The villages are situated near riverbanks and streams and hold several amazing festivals throughout the year.

  1. Rawalakot

Rawakot is a town located in a valley that is surrounded by lush green hills. It’s one of the most spectacular sites in Pakistan and is a popular tourist spot. The town, Rawalakot is located in Azad Kashmir, Pooche Division.

  1. Jehlum Valley

This is a fascinating valley in Pakistan and it’s a major tourist destination. Leepa valley is characterized by amazingly beautiful green rice fields as well as small wooden houses that offer a great view of the valley. Other visiting sites include Dopatta, Chikarr, Chokothi etc.

  1. Hunza Valley

Another beautiful valley located in Gigit-Baltistan region and constitutes of three regions; Upper Hunza, Center and Lower Hunza. Other places to visit in the valley include Hope Glacier, Nagar Valley, Diran Camp Base and many more.

  1. Shandur Pas

Shandur Pas is located in between Gilgit and Chitral and is considered as the highest Polo ground on earth. The Polo ground is surrounded by Snow Mountains during winter and is a big tourist attraction. One of the main attractions is the Shandur Polo Festival held during summer.

  1. Ziarat

Ziarat is a popular tourist destination that is located in Ziarat District, Baluchistan in Pakistan. The resort was the chief commissioner’s summer residence while the sanatorium was for the European troops. It’s a perfect holiday getaway that is great for relaxation.

  1. Murree Hills

It’s a summer resort and hill station that is located in Murree that is the subdivision of Rawalpindi District. The area features lush green sceneries and various picnic points which include Nathia Gali, Ndunga Gali, Mall Road and others. It’s a perfect place for a holiday vacation especially during summer.

  1. Neelum Valley

Neelum is a beautiful, long, bow-shaped valley located in the North and North East of Muzzafarabad, which is also the capital of Azad Kashmir. It is characterized by lush green vegetation, streams, lakes, sloppy mountains and attractive surroundings .It’s tops tourist hotspots are Sharda fort, Karen, Kuttoh Jagran, Noori Top and others.

  1. Kaghan Valley

Situate in the lower Himalayan Mountains, the valley is beautiful with amazing scenic beauty and is a main tourist attraction in Pakistan. Some of the best attraction sites include Lake Dudipat Sa , Lake Lulu Sar, Babusar Pass, Shogran among others.

  1. Swat Valley

Swat Valley is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan. It’s popular with tourists for it’ beautiful lakes, lush green vegetation, as well as green meadows. It’s surrounded by beautiful places such as Upper and Lower Dir, Chitral, Buner among others. It’s a good place to relax and relieve the mind.


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