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10 Things People with Hidden Depression Experience

10 Things People with Hidden Depression Experience in order to save their lives. Yes, one of the main reasons why most people are dying due to depression is because their symptoms often go undetected. This is due to the fact that most people often misunderstand or ignore depression and its symptoms. It’s hard to know when our friends or family are struggling with depression. This is because most of the victims develop their own mechanisms of coping with the problems.

There are different ways that we can learn to help us understand and help those suffering from hidden depression. This way, it becomes easy to control deaths triggered by depression; such as suicide. Here are some of the most common signs that someone may be suffering from hidden depression.

  1. They often seem fatigued and complain of being tired all the time

Constant exhaustion is extremely common with people suffering from hidden depression. They often have low energy levels which consequently affect their workload as well as their personal relationships.

  1. They can develop abnormal eating habits; all of a sudden

Such a person can suddenly start overeating or eating small amount of food. Those who overeat often find pleasure in eating food. Others eat too little because the depression affects their appetite thus, making them find it hard to tolerate food.

  1. They can become irritable at times

Depression affects a person’s emotional stability in such a way that they find it hard to control their emotions. They are usually angered by minor issues and are usually quick to annoy, which is usually a side effect.

  1. They might not look “depressed” at all

Most people who suffer from hidden depression do not behave like they are suffering. This is because they always try to be strong and do not necessarily look miserable. They also pretend to have good mental health so as to protect themselves.

  1. They can have mood swings

Someone with hidden depression often get random mood swings, These people are hard to predict because they can have “bad” days and “better “days. It’s good to learn how to handle them and be supportive.

  1. They may start demanding too much from you

A person suffering from hidden depression may not have the ability to think properly since they are usually mentally affected. They might not be able to perform their chores and other simple activities and so, you might end up taking care of everything. Instead of calling them lazy and useless, you should take the initiative and help them out.

  1. Sudden Loss of Interest in their Favourite Activities

One of the most easily recognized signs of depression are a person’s lack of interest in their most-loved activities. They suddenly lose their appeal because depression can be physically draining, which makes it hard for such people to continue enjoying such activities.

  1. They often have a hard time responding to Affections and Concern

Since depression affects an individual’s emotions, these people find it hard to positively respond to gestures or words of affection. They might seem to be distant and uncaring, and even get annoyed when someone tries to be kind to them. Depression deprives these people off their feelings, thus making it hard to please them.


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