12 Signs That You Are Already Successful but Simply Unaware of It

Different people have different definitions for success. There are a lot of people earning a good salary but still feel unsuccessful.  They have bought big cars, houses, made huge investments, made friends and have beautiful families. If success is measured by wealth and other worldly riches, then, why are some people unhappy with their lives? Truth is, “success doesn’t happen till you feel like a success”. To give a clear understanding of the meaning of success, here are the top signs that you are already successful but simply don’t just realize it.

  1. Your Current Income Does Not Control You

The worst fear any person can get is whether the money you get paid will get you through the whole month. The thought of spending your money scares you because you know that no matter how hard you try to squeeze in every need, the money won’t still be enough. It makes one feel like they are tied to the paycheck. If you don’t have such issues, then you are definitely successful!

  1. You Have a Well-Laid Out Plan

Most people have never made any plans in their plans and still have no intention of making some. Success is mainly built on a strong foundation and long-term goals. If you have already have a plan in your life, then you are already successful.

  1. You are Self-driven

The world’s most successful people are self-driven. They are determined to make it happen even when things get tough. Success is on you if you possess such characters.

  1. You are a good Time Manager

You’ve never waste time at any given time. The ability to use your time  to performing tasks so as produce better results each day, it’s a big sign that you are headed for greatness.

  1. You Never Entertain Negative Thoughts and Feelings

You are a positive thinker. You never let past failures pull you down. You forget about the past quickly and focus towards creating a better future. This is one characteristic that most successful people have.

  1. You are Passionate About What You Do

Most people are successful because they have a strong passion for what they do. Passion drives you into doing the unthinkable. If you really are passionate about what you do, then you are very successful.

  1. You Are Socially Active and have Strong Connections

One of the most effective keys to success is the ability for one to form strong relationships with others. You can live harmoniously among others and tend to avoid toxic relationships. You find that most of your friends are successful. If this is not a clear sign that you are successful, what else is?

  1. You Have The Desire To Improve Things

Most people face a lot of problems in life. They could be work related, business or home. Successful people do not let these problems put them down. They find seek to find the solutions to these problems and improve them. That’s what successful people do.

  1. You Are Optimistic

Successful people identify opportunities and invest in them. They have the tendency of seeing the glass as “half full”. The see gaps and fill them. They have the ability to see the future. They make projections and predict the future. If you are such type of a person, consider yourself as successful.

  1. You Wake Up Early Each Day

Most successful people are early birds. They start their day early and perform their work as per the schedule. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”.

  1. You Take Good Care of Your Health

You eat well, have regular checkups, exercise regularly, and do not engage in harmful activities like smoking, doing drugs, as well as taking alcohol. You have taken charge of your health because you are aware of how important it is to keep fit and healthy. It’s a sign that you care about yourself and have big dreams.

  1. You Have Strong Ambitions

If you crave for more than you already have, it’s not a sign of dissatisfaction; it’s the sign that you have the desire to achieve more success than you already have. It means that you are already a successful person, only that you have no idea that you already are.


Swash is an entrepreneur who is deeply involved in many online and offline joint ventures. Swash is also CEO of Swash Enterprises - offering online business solutions - and running a couple of different businesses.