5 Rituals To Stay In Love

Who says rituals are just religious ceremonies? Well, they are not. They are also, a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.

“Every day my mother had tea. My dad has his ritual cigar. They had their evening cocktail. Those rituals were done nicely, with flair and feeling.”
― John Travolta

There are some things you need to practice daily for a happy love life. Things that might seem minute, but make a huge difference. Things you know, but are not aware of their importance. Love happens, whereas staying in love? That is hard work, or maybe not. If you know the right things, you can stay in love spot-on!

To make your hard work easy, read on to know 5 simple rituals you need to follow to happily stay in love.

I Love You.

It is very important to tell your partner everyday how much you love them. Whether you say it out loud, whisper it in their ear, leave a note for them or text them, it doesn’t matter. Your message should be conveyed. It will bring a smile to their face no matter what. Telling your partner ‘I love you’ is the easiest way you can make them happy.


Time is precious. Make sure you take out time for your partner each day. It may just be 10 minutes, but ensure that you pay complete attention to your partner alone. Distance is not going to be an excuse in this age of technology. Make use of video chatting and do not multitask on your screen.Absolute devotion will make them feel special and important.

Sexual Activity.

Emotional connect does play a dominant role for staying in love, but do not underestimate sexual connect. From a kiss to the bed, anything that excites you should be one of your rituals. If nothing, even a kiss or a hug every morning would also do. It keeps the chemistry alive. For long distance relationships, dirty talking does work.


A healthy conversation is how you get to know each other. People keep changing. Hence, it is important to know what’s on your partner’s mind. When you ask them about their day, they feel included. You yourself should also look forward to talk about your day to them. Talking also makes solving issues easier and fights don’t turn into wars.


Though it requires breaking the monotony, it can still be counted among rituals. Keeping the spark alive is only possible through unexpected actions performed regularly. You should come up with unforeseen surprises for your partner. An out of the blue trip or candlelight dinner helps keep the spark alive. If you live miles apart, a parcel is the best way to startle.

It is not that easy to stay in love. It has a cost of it’s own, which you cannot pay in any currency. Rituals are most often described as religious rites. Well, I believe that love is a religion purest of all. Practice these 5 rites and see for yourself, staying in love will become easier.

Srishtika Prakash

Srishtika Prakash is a team member of Tipslo.com. She is pursuing integrated Masters degree in Humanities and Social Sciences with a major in English Studies. She has also been associated with Swash Enterprises.

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