7 Kinds of People Who Get Under Your Skin

7 Kinds of People Who Get Under Your Skin

It might not seem very easy to irritate someone but getting annoyed doesn’t take a minute these days. Well, it may not be true for all. Everyone’s tolerance level is different. But here are some most relatable things that will definitely get under your skin at some point of time or the other.

“You see.. I had to write an article on the word ‘skin’, but I didn’t want to write about skin problems or skin diseases or skin treatments or any beauty related things. You see..there is already too much about the skin as such. So..you know.. I was thinking..and then I searched the meaning of the word and was thinking how to write something different…” Blah. Blah. Blah.

Annoying type #1 People Who Blabber.

“Daniel, clean the table please. Yeah, in a moment.<5 minutes later> Daniel, please clean the table. I said, I will do it in a while. I’m doing something.<2 minutes later> Daniel, don’t forget to clean the table. Urghh. <10 seconds later> Daniel?..”

Annoying type #2 People Who Keep Poking.

“I was at the mall once and had the urgency to pee. I went to the ladies washroom and all the cubicles were occupied. One lady got out then and I entered the cubicle. No sooner than I went in that I immediately stepped out.”

Annoying type #3 People Who Don’t Flush.

“So, I was in a movie theatre watching Pirates of the Caribbean and admiring the wit of Jack Sparrow, when the person sitting next to me switched on her cellphone screen. I swear I felt like punching her face.”

Annoying type #4 People Who Use Cellphones In Theatres.

Yet more habits that can easily get under your skin.

“Hello sir. How are you? I’m good. What are you doing these days? Well, just working day and night. How is your girlfriend? Umm.. My girlfriend is fine. I heard you had some argument? Well..What was it about? Actually…”

Annoying type #5 People Who Interfere More Than Necessary.

“’Hey! I’m glad you made it for dinner! Sam, Tony and I had almost given up on the get-together.’ Well yeah, I’m glad too!<PING>One second.<Laughs>Yeah, so..how is everything? Everything is just <PING> fine. One second.”

Annoying type #6 People Who Look At Their Cellphones In A Social Gathering.

“We were on a long drive to my mother’s house.  I was driving fast on the highway and suddenly I had to slow down because the car ahead of me in the lane would not go beyond 20 kmph! He did not let me overtake either. It was maddening!”

Annoying type #7 People With No Driving Sense.

These are few of the many habits of people that will definitely get under your skin. I’m sure that most of you have already had a first-hand experience. It is important that we look out for any of these habits developing in ourselves, because they certainly are going to get your reputation in trouble.




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