Airbus confirms $3.6 billion business at Dubai Airshow 2015

Airbus confirms $3.6 billion business at Dubai Airshow 2015

Airbus confirms $3.6 billion business at Dubai Airshow 2015 and the Dubai Airshow 2015 is on its full swing. All reputable firms are participating and it is pretty sure that the business deal among the manufacturers and airlines will cross $100 billion. In 2013, the Airshow witnessed deal of $200 billion. The giant Airbus has finalized deal of $3.6 billion so far.

VietJet from Vietnam announces that it is finalizing deal of 30 aircrafts. Again, the European aircraft manufacturer is on top in business deal.  There is a big chance that a deal of 75 Boeing 737 MAXst will be negotiated worth of $8 billion.

In 2013, Major Gulf airliners Emirates, Eithad and Qatar Airways booked huge orders with Boeing and Airbus. But in the current Airshow, the business expectations are low. Mostly, the major airlines are looking for overhauling and repairing contracts.

More interesting, American drone makers are also participating in the show and are successful in drawing attention of buyers.  The Emirates airline is still waiting for the delivery of the orders made in 2013. Hence, the Dubai based airline will not be announcing any major orders.

According to the media press release from the Airshow, the big commercial airliner has signed a $16 billion agreement with GE aviation for overhaul and maintenance of the GE9x engines. The Airshow will end on 12th Nov, 2015 and on the last day, according to the dealers, the show will cross $100 billion business. After Airbus confirms $3.6 billion business at Dubai Airshow 2015 the industry is supposed to boom in the country.


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