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American Journalists Suspicion and Sensation over Vitaly Churkin Death

When someone dies, it is our social responsibility to condole with the deceased family. But, in the United States, the situation is totally different. The death of Vitaly Churkin is viewed with suspicious eye.

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Do you know why? Just because Vitaly Churkin was a diplomat or he was a high ranking official? No. It is just because he was a Russian.  Hatred against Russians is booming in the United States since the day Obama said “Russians were involved in hacking”.

SMobserved writes the same in a news story titled 5th Suspicious Death of Russian Diplomat and it was the same article in which Some of the conspirators have gone to such extent of stupidity that the following girl – who was actually a mistress – disclosed her as Vitaly Churkin girl friend. Source here : link

vitaly churkin girl friend

Watch  Reaction over Vitaly Churkin Death Video

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