Best Places for honeymoon

Best Places for honeymoon is something all girls dreams before marriage. You just found the right girl after spending so many years searching. You’ve spent good times with her, and you love her. You want to spend the rest of your life with her and feel it’s the high time to pop the big question. However, you have no idea where to do it. Well, do not panic because the following list will give you more than enough options.

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is definitely the right place to propose considering its romantically set sceneries. Some of the couple’s favorite spots include the Sentieli Degli Dei also known as “Path of Gods”, Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone in Ravello. You will definitely get a yes in such an incredible place.

  1. Paris, France

Paris, also known as the “City of Light” is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It also tops the list in the world’s most romantic cities. One of the best “proposal hotspot” is in Paris include the iron footbridges over the tree-lined Canal Saint-Martin as well as Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge located near the Louvre.

  1. Rajasthan, Udaipur, India

India is a beautiful country…and a romantic one too. Rajasthan is a city that is located in Udaipur and is referred to as the most romantic place in India. The beautiful palaces, temples, and the white-marble Lake Palace that floats on Lake Pichola make it perfect for couples. Its romantic settings are fantastic for couples.

  1. New York City, U.S.A

Apart from being a top tourist destination in the world, New York City has quite a good number of romantic locations. Some of these spots include the Empire State Building, footpath on the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center’s outdoor skating rink, Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse.

  1. Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Bagan’s Temples offer the best sunrise view and are one of the most romantic places to kneel down on your knees and pop the question. You can just climb to one of them during sunrise; it’s the most perfect time because the sight is indeed overwhelming.

  1. Principe Island

The deserted beaches are located in off the west coast of Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea. The beautiful beaches with untouched sands and fabulous tropical forest make it perfect for a romantic getaway as well as a good place to propose. It’s quiet and offers a serene environment.

  1. South Africa

Plan for a romantic getaway and propose in the most romantic and adventurous places in the world. With the wildlife in view, profess your undying love to your girl, and she will be more than happy to accept the proposal.

  1. London

London is described as one of the most thrilling cities in the world. The city hasn’t lost its charm even after many years of existence. Some of the favorite proposal venues include the Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath and other proposing spots.

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The castle offers a fairytale- like experience and is a great place to pop the big question. The beautiful trees and incredible scenery makes it more than a proposal spot. It gives an amazing fairy-tale feeling that makes women feel special. The best proposal spot is Mary’s Bridge where a beautiful waterfall overlooks the castle.

  1. Arches National Park

It’s a perfect destination for couples who love outdoors. The romantic settings plus the beautiful nature especially the red rock formations are an inspiration for those who want to propose. After that, you can have a couple’s outdoor adventure in the park such as mountain biking and rock climbing.

The above mentioned are the Best Places for honeymoon and supposed to be really ideal for newly married couple.


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