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Best Places to visit in summer 2015

Brett stated that permission slip for being lazy is summer. Time of doing nothing just lying down in grass and calculating the stars or analyzing the clouds. So here is summer 2015.

A time to plan trips, change environment and enjoy life to its fullest. Making plans for summer would require a selection of place one would like to visit and the best type of food one for this summer.


Peru: Its Machu Picchu city is providing interesting programs for this summer. Festival of Smithsonian Folk life starting from June 24 and ending on July 5th It also offers exhibition of Indian and American stuff at the National Museum. Lastly the Hiking trip which last for four days is also an attraction for the tourist during summers.


Arizona: If one is into hiking, or mountain climbing then Arizona is the place for summers. Moreover, last year it was declared has having the 8th darkest sky of the world. So the view of the sky at night mesmerizes individuals.


Konstanz: The best option for cyclist is Germany. It offers a bike track that covers the lake Constance. Once one had cycled the whole lake, will end up visiting 2 more countries that is Austria and Switzerland.


Athens: Into drama, classical movies then Athens is where you will spend your summer 2015 as it is offering 60 different locations for the entertainment.


Manga Cartra: Interested in roaming around the city than this is the best option as it provides carts and the grey structure is built in a way that it covers the entire city. So one can visit all places within the city.

Manga Cartra

Alberta: If one wants to go for hiking, cycling or international events such as FIFA Women 2015 then Canada is the place to visit as it is hosting many international events this summer.


Singapore: It’s their 60th birthday and they are celebrating it with hosting events that will attract tourist all around the world. Summer 2015 if spent in Singapore will provide memories to cherish for the rest of your life.


Philadelphia: Summer 2015 is catering interest of every individual so this goes for the art lovers. Interested in Arts, Philadelphia is show casing arts of more than 80 famous artists. Don’t miss the opportunity of being part of one of the largest displays of art.


Australia: It is offering ski or snow boards down the mountain and best resort with up to date facilities in the area. People interested in this sport must visit Australia this summer.


Visiting places has its own effect on the mood but food of those places play a vital role. Furthermore, there are certain types of food one should opt for

Eating habits also end up deciding where to spend the vacations. So every sort of food is available in all the above mentioned countries one would like to opt for. Some of the best choices in this regard are appended below:


Strawberry: This summer have lots of them as they are good for bones, eye and heart.


2. Watermelon: It tasty and good for heart and bones.


3. Parsley: It has the oxidation properties in it. It prevents cell damage due to lack of oxygen.


parsley isolated on white background


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