Best tips for skin tan

Best tips for skin tan for European countries where people look forward to summers as they can get their skin tanned easily than without spending on treatments. Asian on other hand wants to have a lighter complexion and keep on looking for different techniques to make it lighter. In summer, well this problem escalates as already dark skin gets more tanned. Now removing tan from the skin is not a one day job. It will take time and proper care. Vegetables and other natural products are used for decreasing tan. Some of the products that work wonder with a skin are appended below:

Juice of lemon

Lemon juice has been used for ages in order to lighten the skin complexion. Its juice has lightening ingredients. There are different ways in which this juice is applied on the skin. One can damp the skin by using it without mixing anything in it. Then wash the face or area applied with cool water after 10 minutes. Another way to tackle tan with this ingredient is by mixing a sugar cube in the juice. As cleansing skin is easily done by sugar, together they make the skin lighter and fresher. One can use this remedy thrice a week.


The interesting part about this one is that it is not only Best tips for skin tan but also a natural anti-depressant. Since tan is due to melanin sheet in the skin its cools the rays effect on it. Moreover closing open skin pores is also one of the by-products when one using this ingredient for the tan. One can make different types of application with it by mixing cucumber, tomato, juice, besan (gram flour) in it. The procedure is mix one cup of yogurt with single tomato and cucumber juice. Then add besan to this application nearly half a cup. Apply it on the tanned area and clean it with water after 45 minutes. One can also use it as a daily face wash by adding yogurt with lime plus tomato juice.

Aloe Vera

It not only helps with pimples but also cleanse the skin. One can apply it as a night cream and wash the face in the morning with cool water within days it will reduce the skin tan and makes the skin look lighter and fresher.


We all know that almond have been said to help in memory well they also help with skin problems such as tan and aging. If one use almond oil it helps the skin to stay younger for a longer period of time and if mix it with tomato paste and yogurt it works wonder on tan. Put equal ingredients of all tree things and make a paste of it. One can apply this paste not only on the face but all over the body. So apply it and leave it till it dries. Use water to clean paste on the skin.


Regardless of it being used with other ingredients one can also apply its paste only to skin tan as its equally good. In this paste if drops of lemon juice are used it further enhances its lightening procedure.



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