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The SEO industry over years has proved its worth. It constantly uses better SEO techniques in order to ensure rapid growth of the businesses. However, there may be certain SEO service providers who are making fool out you. It is not always easy for a business to whether or not the SEO consultancy is playing any dishonest game with them. It is easy to identify how they are managing the search engine optimization of their site. In this article, we are going to put before a guide that will help you get rid of them.

Did you receive an unsolicited email from SEO Company?

As a matter of fact, majority of SEO companies do not send any unsolicited email. But, it is crucial that you do not confuse a genuine mail with a spam. Before you buy any services from them, you are required to get some basic knowledge of their company. Also make sure if they are able to make any better search engine optimization. Always deal them with a pinch of salt.

Did they guarantee top-ranking on Google?

This is simply insane of them. What a SEO does is that they can only do their job. They can try to use better marketing tactics to boost up the ranking of the site. But, it solely depends upon the policy of the big search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo to decide the rank of your site. The SEO can only implement better SEO measures. They simply cannot do more than that. It is the reason why they cannot simply guarantee to the clients about the tip ranking. It sounds very ridiculous.

Did they tell you about their SEO strategies?

It is the prime responsibility of the SEO to inform their clients about the ways they are going to initiate the marketing of their sites. What methods are they going to utilize to ensure better search engine optimization of the site? But, business owners must also understand that SEO cannot explain you everything about their strategies. All they can do is to give a broader view of their style of marketing. And, that is it!

Did they attach a link from your site theirs?

Many SEO companies are doing this sometimes. However, it should be cleared that it is not the part of the contract. They must inform the owner before connecting this to their site. if there are any suck links, they must be willing to remove them.

Do you know where the money goes?

You need to confirm and double check whether you are paying the company a lump sum amount or you are paying for every click. However, the money is paid for overall optimization of the site in the most of cases. It is a binding on all SEO service providers to give explanation of the money where it goes.

In the conclusion, it is must for both business owners and SEO service providers to discuss the terms and conditions of the project before signing it. The better communication between them will result in better SEO for the promotion of the site.


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