BJP suffers big defeat in Bihar

BJP suffers big defeat in Bihar state

India’s ruling party suffered a big defeat in Bihar state polls. The Grand Alliance managed to secure 178 in Bihar State’s assembly while the ruling party BJP could manage to get only 58 seats in the house of 243. The idea of grand coalition of different small parties worked for flamboyant politican Lalu Prasad Yadav to give tough time to the ruling party.

The defeat in Bihar state is a serious concern for the Prime Minster Narendara Modi who has been in the Prime Minister house for merely 12 months and the people in the largest democracy of the world has started to show non-confidence on the government just after one year. It is a wakeup call for the prime minister and the BJP.  The premier has called a general body meeting of the party to discuss the reasons of big defeat in the state of Bihar.

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