Buffalo kills lion

Buffalo vs Lion Epic battle to Death

Buffalo vs Lion epic battle to death took place at Safari jungle. Yes, lion is supposed to be king of the Jungle but when it comes to save life, buffalo could be as dangerous as lion. This is what has happened recently at Safari Jungle Africa. Buffalo vs Lion is not a new battle.  Lions have been hunting buffalo to fulfill their appetite.

But, this time, instead of hunting buffalo to enjoy its meat, lion himself got hunted. The buffalo had severe hits in the stomach and face of lion that made him bleeding.

Actually, no one knows what happens inside the Jungle but thanks to modern technology and professional cameraman who work day and night to bring hidden stories of Buffalo vs Lion from Safari Jungle.

While passing through the jungle, a video was shot that made shocked to the whole world. As we all know that there is no one but lion – the most powerful animal – rule the jungle. But, after watching this Buffalo vs Lion video, your opinion will also change.

Watch the video to see how fearlessly buffalo had fierce fighting with a Lion and made him brutally injured.

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