CSS a Gamble or Merit Based Exam?

Surprising result of CSS makes shining aspirants shocking. The Central Superior Service competitive exam is called “a gambling.” There are various reasons to call this exam a gambling. Let us discuss the reasons in detail.

It must be shocking news for you that a candidate who topped in the CSS 2014 exam is failed in CSS 2015. Why Ms. Javeria Maqbool failed in 2015? In this competitive exam, it is mandatory to pass all compulsory papers. If any of them scored with 39 marks, the candidate’s dream to become a CSP officer will be crushed and he has to reappear with all papers next year. Most probably, this draconian rule may have been the same reason for Ms. Javeria.

If you are master degree holder in international relations from a foreign university and elect this subject as an optional subjects, do not think that you will score excellent marks in your researched based paper. The reason is that sometimes, the game of high and low scoring subjects is played.  Last year, an aspirant who did his M.phil in International Relations with gold medal from a British university failed in the paper and he scored only 32 marks. He complained and asked the authorities to explain the matter by writing in a reputable English newspaper.

Every year thousands of candidates complain about inconsistent, unpredictable and inefficient result of CSS exam.   Can you imagine a superb writer who writes to foreign newspapers and gets failed in essay paper by 2 marks only, and he scores the highest marks over all other candidates. In fact, the failed candidate has topped in the competitive exam and breaks the record of highest scoring, but the irony is that the highest scorer will not be appearing in the interview phase, which is a second stage of CSS. Isn’t a joke with a talented and deserving candidate? Is this a right criterion of the FPSC to select man power to run the state? Certainly, it is not. Surely, It is a mockery with the hard work and aims of the candidates.

No one can questions over the paper checking criterion by the professors whose little neglect can ruin a career of a bright student and it is happening. Much has been written in newspapers and requested to the higher authorities to have a look on the methodology of talent acquisition in engine of the state, but nothing positive outcome has been seen so far.

We came across a very talented aspirant whose essays was published by a renowned publisher and got checked his essays from a senior English professor, but he was disqualified in CSS exam due to essay.

You may fail in first and second attempt and pass in the third. It may also happen after getting failed in the two consecutive attempts, you may surpass the third and last attempt of the superior exam.

We share here a story of another CSS candidate who was dedicated to join Police Service of Pakistan. Unfortunately, he was allocated in Customs of Pakistan after passing the first attempt of the exam. After the gap of two years and further studies, he failed in the second and last attempts in the same essay paper. What could be the reason of being failed in the same paper which was passed in the first attempt? The FPSC examiners know the best answer.

It has also been seen that a candidate failed in consecutive three attempts of CSS has passed other provincial competitive exams. This observations clearly portrays that there are some flaws in the competitive exam that need to be removed in order to do justice with the candidate who burn in the midnight oil to transform their dreams into reality.

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