Discover 12 Most Incredible Travel Experiences To Have In Your Life

Travelling comes with a lot of benefits. It gives you the opportunity to discover new and exciting things, meet up with people, learn a new language, learn different cultures and most importantly, they help discover ourselves, increases our knowledge and widen our prospective, creates our resourcefulness, and most of all, it helps us disconnect from our normal life. To achieve maximum benefits during your travel experience, you need to find the perfect place. Here are some of the most incredible travel experiences to have in your life.

  1. Get Yourself a Diving Experience in the Great Barrier Reef


Marked as one of the most visited places in the world, the Great Barrier Reef offers a great diving experience especially with the insightful corals formations of different colors and shapes. The fish school is quite large and you can take amazing photos there.

  1. Checkout The Amazing Northern Light in Sweden


Watch some blue, yellow, purple, indigo, green and other colors as they light up the skies in a magnificent way. Jukkasjarvi, Abisko National Park and Torne Valley are some of the place that provide a great view.

  1. Go on a Safari to Tanzania


One of the most visited park in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park which is famous for the Wildebeest migration. Other than Serengeti, there are many parks where you can watch many types of animals and take photos too!

  1. Don’t Miss Out The Oktoberfest Beer Drinking Party in Munich


The beer drinking party drives the Germans crazy and if you want to have crazy, fun-filled and “drunken” party, travel to Munich and have the best time of your life.

  1. Go For Bungee Jumping at Bhote Koshi River, near Kathmandu


If you love Bungee jumping, this is the place to be. It is considered as one of the longest Bungees in the world.

  1. Spend Quality Time in One Of The Deserted Islands in Indonesia


There are several deserted islands around Kadidiri, which is a perfect holiday getaway. Take a bath in the shimmering golden waves during the night and enjoy the great view.

  1. Take a Hot Swim at The Blue Lagoon


Take a dip in this famous geothermal pool in Grindavik and marvel at the magnificent landscape.

  1. Watch Whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada


The best time to watch the whales is May-September. St Lawrence is one of the best places in the world to watch long-blue whales.

  1. Hiking to the Table Mountain in Cape Town


With over 350 hiking routes, Table Mountain is a tourist hotspot. You can also get a clear view of Cape Town from the mountain.

  1. Watch Komodo Dragons in Indonesia


Visit the Komodo National Park in Indonesia and view the world’s largest lizard species. The sight is just spectacular.

  1. Climb The Sydney Harbor Bridge



The iconic bridge offers a great view of the Harbor as well as the Sydney Opera Theater. This is truly an exciting experience.

  1. Watch The Spectacular View of Sunrise over Bagan Temples in Myanmar


This is one of the most amazing tourist sites where you can have a good glimpse as the sun rises slowly from the white clouds and turn into deep golden.

Other wonderful places to visit are; Glacier Express in Switzerland, Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia, Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Uluru in Australia, Yellowstone National Park in U.S, Atacama Desert in Chile, Great Wall of China among others. There is no way to miss the fun when you have all these options at hand. Explore and Discover.


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