Discover the Top Most Health Benefits of Including Fats In Your Diet

Did you know that fats play an important role in our bodies and that they should be included in our diets? Well, this is contradicting to most people as they believe that fats are bad for health and cause many types of health-related diseases. In as much as the information is true, research has proved that fat consumption isn’t bad at all. In fact, it has numerous benefits to our bodies. For that reason, here are some of the top health benefits of including fats in your diet.

  1. Better Brain Function and Decreases Emotional Effect

Shockingly, your brain is made up of approximately 60% of fat and cholesterol. Most of these fats are essential fatty acids which are important for normal brain function. A diet that is low in these fats denies the brain of important materials which it uses to function properly.

Apparently, fat help prevent depression and mood swings. This is because good amounts of cholesterol and fats in the brain raises the level of neurotransmitter serotonin improves a person’s mood and reduces depression. Fats also improve neuromuscular function as well as sharpening the cognitive function.

  1. Fats Help Build More Muscles

Most body-builders fear consuming fats. This is because they believe that for you to gain muscles, you have to lose fat. The truth is, including more beneficial fats in your diets results in muscle gain because they support hormonal balance as well as promoting recovery and muscle repair from exercise.

  1. Fats Help Produce Stronger Bones and Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis

When consumed in the correct ratios, fats can help increase bone density as well as reducing the chances of getting osteoporosis. Fats assist in calcium metabolism and also collaborate with vitamins D and K2 which are both fat-soluble, in building bones.

  1. Fat Boosts You Immune System

From the book: Good Calories and Bad Calories, it clearly stated that “the loss of sufficient saturated fatty acids in the white blood cells hampers their ability to recognize and destroy foreign invaders, such as , viruses, bacteria and fungi”. The most important fats in this case are butter and coconut oil.

  1. Fat Reduces the risk of Cancer

According to research, omega-6-rich oils have the ability to promote cancer progression and metastasis. Monosaturated fats, such as those found in oil have a protective effect.

  1. Fat Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Saturated fats raise the HDL which is also known as “good cholesterol”, thus lowering the risk of heart disease. Some foods which are high in saturated fats and cholesterol have the ability to lower circulation of triglycerides which cause inflammation as well as plaque build-up in the arteries. Triglycerides increase the risk of heart diseases.

  1. Fat Helps Improve Lung Function

The lungs are coated with a material that composes of a large percentage of saturated fats. In order to keep your lungs healthy and strong, then you must include foods containing saturated fats in your diet.

  1. Fat Improves The Reproductive Health

Research shows that lack of fats in the body is a major cause of infertility. In women, eating bad fats increases menopause as well as PMS complications. In men, lack of good fats reduces testosterone and androgen hormones which are essential in reproduction. Thereby, consumption of beneficial fats improves the reproductive health, increases libido in men, reduces infertility, and other complications.

  1. Fat Improves Skin and Eye Health

Omega-fats and a variety of saturated fats are important for a healthy skin and eyes as it helps with lubrication. One of the most common sign of fat deficiency is a dryness of the skin and eyes.

  1. Promotes Fat Loss

As contradicting as it is, research show that most people completely remove fats from their diets and replaces them with carbs. Including fat in your diet helps decrease insulin and improves metabolism, which is essential for fat loss.

Bottom Line

Ensure that your diet is composed of fats but consume them in moderation. Eat a variety of foods so as to obtain different types of healthy fats and start your journey to fitness.


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