Disneyland in Lahore will create thousands jobs. Yes, according to an official statement of the government of Punjab, the government has apportioned Rs. 36 billion to develop Lahore’s its own Disney land. The amusement and recreational park will provide number of entertainment facilities to the citizens of Pakistan’s second largest city.

The Lahore’s Disneyland will be replica of Hong Kong’s one. Dubai government is also planning to build such type of a park to attract visitors across the globe. Regarding job opportunities, the media spoke person of Punjab Government was of the opinion that the project will create about 5000 temporary jobs for five years and 3000 jobs in the long run.

The tender of different sites of the project will be awarded to famous and certified local and international firms.  There are different opinions among the dwellers of Lahore. Some believe that the capital city of the province badly needs internationally acclaimed amusement parks and the city has now become a cosmopolitan city after Karachi. While, some hold the view that the city at the moment cannot afford such huge wasted projects as the city needs clean water and modern health facilities with the patronage of government.

Disneyland project is on the papers so far. It yet to be discussed and it will face criticism from the opposition parties as well. The government has to spend public expenditures judiciously and giving first priority to the basic necessities of common people.

It is here necessary to mention that Disneyland is a theme park first built in California and later on the legacy of the Walt Disney spread over different cities of the world. It is yet to see what Punjab government brings changes and something extraordinary to show the world that Pakistan can supervise and administer globally celebrated enjoyment parks.

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