Does ISIS Preach Islam or Terrorism

Does ISIS Preach Islam or Terrorism is a common question being asked by everyone today. Actually it is a rebellious civilian group in Syria and Iraq that vowed to establish an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria two years ago. No doubt, it has tried to distort image of Islam at large extent. Though, the rebel group wants to establish a state where Islamic laws will be followed. On the contrary, the so-called sharia followers are giving bad name to the religion.

Islamic strictly prohibits the promotion of the religion through force. In the Holy Koran, it has been clearly mentioned that In an Islamic state, the government must protect the rights of minorities and the minorities will be having all rights to preach their religions.

See ISIS bury Alive people

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During the life of the Holy prophet and the companions of the prophet, many instances can be mentioned here that Islam fully endorses the rights of the minorities. Forcibly conversion is completely against the sharia laws and the sayings of the Holy prophet.

In Syria, the word jihad” which means to struggle for evilness and badness is being misinterpreted. Thousands have been killed in the so-called Islamic state war. Millions have been made refugees and homeless. The world has started to experience one of the biggest refugee crises in the history of mankind.

Killing of minorities and majorities, destruction of ancient places, abduction of women and urging young boys to hold guns and shoot out those who negate the ideas of ISIS is totally against the teachings of the religion.

Islam urges majority groups to help minorities if they are in danger. The true meaning of Jihad can be ascertained from this example that If a Hindu’s house is on fire and the family is not finding way to come out, we should help them. Yes, in this situation, if any Muslim neighbor calls fire tender or throws water to extinguish fire. This gesture and kind act is Jihad in Islamic perspective. But ISIS is totally against basic teachings of Islam and supposed to promote terrorism at largest extent.





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