First Asian women to conquer Mount Everest

First Asian woman to conquer Mount Everest

In Pakistani History a new name Samina Baig has become popular due to her escapades. Thinking of A Pakistani women to be attaining such a target make one would feel proud of her. Equality has been practiced between Pakistani women and men but Samina showed this truth to the world. Transfigured image of Pakistani women has been displayed out by her action. She being a lady has showed the world the hidden qualities of Pakistani women.

People dream to be the one who stands out and brings reforms in others opinions. By setting an image of Pakistan to world as a woman is not that easy. It takes too much time to achieve that dignity.

Education being part of all women in Pakistan has been shown through her deeds. This is due to the full support provided by the families in order to fulfill ambitions. Samina Baig being the youngest female Mount Everest Climber in the history of world and Pakistan actually supported the notion of family support here. Beinga pupil of art she had her parent education from Gilgit Baltistan her birth place. Her career in mountain climbing started professionally when she was only 15 years old. Scaling at the age of 4 showed her to be a daughter of high peaks.  Her brother gave her lesson on hiking. In 2009 she happened to be a professional hiker. Her career began as a hiker from Hindu Kush Karakoram mountain range.

If we look at the journey of Samina Baig she has actually contributed a lot to Pakistani History. As scaling the seven highest peaks she made a name hiking. Moreover, hiking record was made by her as being the youngest among the climbers till now.  Her age was not the only advantage in her journey timing also played a significant role. For climbing minimum timing was acquired. Her journey of scaling these mountains with her brother who worked as a full support throughout their journey started in 2013. Samina stated in one press conference that the reason her brother and she are scaling those mountains together is to show that world that women are equal to men in every way. By doing this she actually promoted women equality in Pakistan and depicted Pakistani culture in the world. Well, her journey of scaling started with Alaska where she scaled Mount McKinley in 2014 and then flew to Europe for climbing Mount Elbrus. Next in line was Indonesia for these spectacular climbers. Tanzania was the next escapade which she and her brother dealt well and set a record. Mount Vinson in south of the world was conquered by these scaling experts in set time. In South America, Mount Aconcagua was their last target before they started their journey towards Mount Everest began.

Pakistani History has shown us many legends and Samina Baig has become one of those living legends that inspires and brings out the spark in Pakistani women by depicting her courageous adventure and vision of life. Portraying culture of Pakistan through her courage as being a Pakistani women has left many astound.

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