Five facts about Dubai Expo 2020

Do you know where the current Expo 2015 being organized?  You might know the answer. But If I ask where the expo 2020 will be organized? I am sure, 90% readers will answer and say “in Dubai.” Much has been discussed in hotels and sittings about Dubai expo 2020, but still common man particularly businessmen want complete information about the world expo.

Here are some main facts about Dubai Expo 2020 that you should know if you are traveler, investor, entrepreneur and job hunter.

Dubai is a free port and the third most visiting city in the world. World business and trade exhibitions are held after some years across the world, mainly in developed cities like the first was held in London. Dubai state will no more rely on oil resources as oil resources are diminishing rapidly. According to Dubai govt. source, the oil resources will deplete by 2020, and the govt. will have to go for alternative income source. The visionary leader His highness Muhammand Bin Rashid Al Makhtoom came up with idea to make tourism as a main source of income of the city.  So far, the govt. is enthusiastically moving towards the dream of making Dubai- the city of wonderers from golden city.

To hold expo 2020 which is a dream of every big city government is same like to organize FIFA world cup. The Dubai government should have required and modern facilities to organize such a huge global trade forum for the period of six months.  To achieve the dream, the Dubai govt. left no stone unturned to win the bid for Expo 2020. Dubai became free tax state.  If you are an investor or an employee, you will get tax free income and salary.

Dubai govt. provided world class facilities to win the bid. World class terminals were built and the Emirates line became world’s biggest airline in the world within a short period of time and that is why Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be best expo in the world.

All modern transport facilities were laid down such high ways and motor ways.  The Jebel Ali port was re-designed and upgraded with modern facilities to handle more cargo.  Security and trade laws were enacted to provide easier and rapid support to investors.  We can say now, Dubai has become a FINE charge city after Singapore.

Is Dubai really able to hold expo 2020? Yes, It is. Because it has much better infrastructure than developed cities like London, New York and Brisbane.  Dubai has the finest transportation system.  It has lower crime rate than London, New York and other European countries.

There are some free zones to invest in the Dubai such as Jebel Ali free zone and Dubai Airport free zone where an investor requires no local Emeriti to be a partner in the business.

Will Dubai govt. astonished the world with Expo 2020? Yes, I think, as per His highness Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoom vision, Dubai will surprise the world. Several mega projects have been initiated to facilitate the visitors such as world’s largest trade tower, Ala din city, Convention center with state of art facilities and modern residential apartments.

Time is ticking. The government has set a target to showcase the developed countries that the Gulf possesses ability to organize world class events.

Through expo 2020 program, around 1 million jobs will create in almost every field mainly technical related jobs such mechanical, electrical, software, hardware and civil engineering. Employers will offer better salaries as labor laws have been amended and improved.

I see big change in the Middle East after the Dubai Expo 2020. It will portray positive impact over the world and entrepreneurs with new business ideas will surely connect mind and create the future.




Sage Rasheed

Sage Rasheed is a business Guru and highly experienced Data Analyst. Presently, he is pursuing graduation degree in Information Science and Data Analytics from the University of Ibadan. His specialization area is business writing and consultancy.

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