Five tips to get over that Sunday night hangover

We all have had those nights, haven’t we? Somehow they have this uncanny knack of turning up more often than not on a Sunday. Sadly, the very next day happens to be that most dreaded day of the week – Monday.  Here are five tips to get over that Sunday night hangover and to make sure that you don’t look like someone who has just made it off the Titanic.

Hydration: Haven’t we all heard our grandparents tell us this – “Drink that glass of water”. We may have been a touchyounger than we are now, and the tone a little more condescending though, but the idea is a great one. We need to replenish those fluids that the body so desperately needs. So drink as much water as you can, stay away from the sugary stuff, and you will surely start feeling better.

Eat. Think it’s crazy? Especially when all you can think of is how you can hold what you have in – ‘in’. But get something to eat. It could be just a slice of bread or some biscuits. When you eat something,(avoid sugary snacks) it helps the muscles of the stomach get settled. How? What you eat helps soak up whatever alcohol is still left there in the tank.  So get something light to eat, it will surely go a long way.

Sweat it out. Where is the gym? By far the worst piece of advice that you have ever heardisn’t it? On the contrary, sweating helps your body loose alcohol. And no, you aren’t going there to do weights. Rather, grab a bottle of water and head over to the sauna. Let your body sweat it out and keep drinking water to avoid dehydration. And remember; don’t spend more than fifteen minutes in the sauna. As soon as you start smelling like that bottle of scotch, or whatever you downed, head for the shower.

Brush away. That puny toothbrush may just turn out to be your savior. Brush away. Three times during the day for sure. Alcohol usually smells. That unsavory odor will keep coming up from your belly and will do all it can to make your breath smell that way. Chew on some sugar-free gum or some mint. That will help too. Use a mild mouthwash if you feel like, remember that mouthwash contains some amount of alcohol too but don’t forget to brush thrice a day.

Smell nice– Get that fancy perfume or cologne out. Don’t go drenching yourself with it.  Overdoing it can make it equally obnoxious.  Just splash some of it on your neck and your wrists. That’s good enough. It will get you smell way more pleasant. Use a gentle moisturizing lotion to keep your skin looking fresh too.

The best possible tip that anyone can give is to be responsible.  If you can, avoid getting into this situation in the first place.  There is no better advice.  For those who can’t follow the five tips to get over that Sunday night hangover.


Swash is an entrepreneur who is deeply involved in many online and offline joint ventures. Swash is also CEO of Swash Enterprises - offering online business solutions - and running a couple of different businesses.