Height of Illiteracy Gets Shown by Fake Peer

Height of Illiteracy Gets Shown by Fake Peer

When you are facing super natural problems, you don’t know how to resolve the problem. This is what has happened with a girl who was crippled with evil spirits and went to a Fakir to help her. But, the fakeer was really dishonest and corrupt person. This topic got turned out to be viral when people saw a video of the Fakir doing stupid things with the women.

People hold the opinion that it is the mistake of women who go to such people and this should be taken so seriously.

It is really heartening to see that “the fakir was beating the woman like an animal and many other women was watching the scene like spectators”.

On the other hand, despite taking serious note of the issue, the government official just blame the illiteracy ratio and saying that it was the mistake of woman who went to the fake fakeer for resolving her problems.

Here is video link: http://tipslo.com/?p=23547


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