How to be a good housewife

How to be a good housewife

Kin said that a good housewife is best remedy made in house.


How to be a good housewife and who is a house wife? Well, I would define it as a person who has no holiday at all once they select this job. Housewife though being the toughest job in my opinion is still considered to be no job at all. People when asked what do you do they feel ashamed while saying that I am only a housewife as if that is not a job at all and a person is free all the time. Well, it’s time to change that. If one can be a good house wife then I think the lady has accomplished the toughest target for herself.  So here are some tips if applied properly one could achieve this impossible with little effort in the right direction.

  1. Expectation: Being humans we expect certain types of behaviors from the people we love or care for. Similarly, husbands or in laws for that matter also have such expectations from the new member or the house wife of the house hold. This also varies on the basis of family set ups. Well, one should ask their partners about their expectation from their wives. Remember expectation should be based on reality. Discuss what sort of behavior he would accept and what kind of traits you would like him to adhere to.  This way quarrels based on you forgot to do this and that would fade away as you will be doing things which one can manage and nothing that is impossible to achieve. Asking your husband for help in house chores would not be a bad idea too.
  2. Appearance: Being a house wife does not mean that one stop paying attention to their appearance. Looks are the first thing that makes us interact with the other person. It defines are tone and behaviors. Especially when one is in a relationship they should look after themselves properly. Their dressing should be up to date. Further do little makeup to look more fresh and presentable. This not only makes the husband happy but also oneself.
  3. Cooking: It is an essential part of any house hold. So if you don’t know how to cook well now is the time to learn this skill. Consider it mandatory for yourself. One can easily learn this by watching different TV shows on cooking or buying a recipe book. This will not only make the husband happy but also other members of the family.
  4. Vigilant: One should be vigilant enough to know what his partner wants. Give him space when he needs it and support when required. Just passing him a smile or giving him space would help you in decreasing lots of fights in the house. You will build and image of an understanding partner. Now who doesn’t want that?
  5. Listener: Good housewife is also a good listener. She listens to her husband without interrupting him. She shows interest in the same topic he has. This way he is happier.

Howard said that “one’s reasons of success in life are a secret known as the good wife and a steady job.”

How to be a good housewife is not that difficult. It takes the time to understand the other person and the new environment. If one changes their behavior a little bit and follows the tips written above becoming a good housewife would not be a problem.

Iman Fatima

Iman Fatima is a team member of She is professionally a Psychologist. She holds Mphil Degree in Psychology and working in the area of clinical psychology. She has also been associated with Swash Enterprises.

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  1. Chet

    A very well written article. The tips could be life changing for ladies. However we must need to keep in mind the changing scenario in the world where women are equally if not more ambitious as men are. We must need to change the thinking that being a housewife means being unemployed, as you rightly mentioned. Try to employ someone to do the same job with that efficiency and quality as it is done by the lady of the house and then we would know how much it can cost. And that is exactly what a housewife earns a month. What she needs in return or expect from a man. She expects a little appreciation for her work and understanding by the family members that it ain’t an easy task. It reminds me of this add when it comes abt a housewife.

      1. chet

        Hey Iman
        I liked that song very much other day bt i forgot the name! Could u plz send me the link somehow may b if thats’ possible.



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