How to be a good husband

On how to be a good husband Florio once said that a wife can be good only when there is a good husband

World’s most beautiful relationship after a mother and child is supposed to be husband and wife. Every religion has put emphasis on this relationship and its beauty. In Islam, husband and wife are considered to be the attire of the other person.  Similarly in the Bible it is stated that a husband who loves his wife in reality loves himself. Thus, the relationship meets high standard in different religions. Import elements of this relationship are the husband and wife. Now the question is how to be a good husband? When one thinks of a husband few things that come into one’s imagination are caring, loving, strong etc. Well, things appended below can help one is attaining the goal.

  1. Talking: Talking to a lady or for that matter to wife differs from the way one address a guy friend. When one is with friends one tends to be very blunt in their opinion regardless the idea might offend the friend. Further, guys tend to talk to the point and with a friend can crack jokes that can be insulting towards the other person. A good husband cannot apply this pattern with his wife. He would be perceived as rude and insensitive. This will end up in a quarrel. It better when talking to wife one keeps in mind mere idea of not hurting her feeling. This will stop one from blurting things that might cause the bad blood. Understand her feeling while talking and consider one to be a good husband.
  2. Controlling: Sometimes men don’t realize but their behavior becomes somewhat controlling. No wife would approve of such temperament. As being an adult and the thought of being controlled by someone, makes one feel really bad. By controlling I mean criticize her all the time and not making her understand one’s own point of view. Just forcing her to comply would eliminate one from the list of a good husband. So instead of controlling her talk to her explain it to her the problem while keeping in mind her emotions. This way one not only gets his own way but also avoids conflicts.
  3. Romance: Well, we all know it’s the root element of a good marriage and being a good husband. Romance brings life to a relationship. Being romantic with the wife makes her feel alive and gives her immense happiness. Making plans with her for candle light dinner etc. would not only bring color to one’s own life but also in their partner’s life. Who doesn’t want to be loved and cared? So good husband will love her wife and will express the love by being romantic with her.
  4. Listening: listening to the wife problems and issue regardless of them being small or stupid according to one will win the husband her respect as well as love. Give her quality time not quantity time.
  5. Equal: A good husband will make his wife feel his equal not a subordinate. Further, treat the wife as an intelligent specimen as one perceives oneself. Don’t act as her father. Discuss her points and yours and then make the decision instead being harsh and just telling her not to do that. This way the wife will be more comfortable with the husband and will consider him her friend. The bond of marriage will grow stronger every day.

Trusting the wife brings peace of mind for not only the husband but also for the wife. So be her guide, shape her with support and comfort. Lastly be loyal to her as husband wants the wife to be loyal to them. Remember a wife defines the personality of a husband as he has to be a good husband and this is the best answer of how to be a good husband.

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