How to be a good reader

“How to be a good reader is a question that is often asked but always thought about more.  So a simple guide to be a good reader is to know, understand and implement the principles of concentration, creativity and correlation. In order to understand these principles so one can implement them once should be well aware of their subjective meaning that helps cultivate our objective understanding.

Firstly concentration is mostly a misunderstood notion. We mistake concentration of a main subjective problem with the overall idea to be perceived in the frame of giving time to a particular piece/article to be read. So one should develop concentration that centres around the original idea of the subject and then enhance its objective seance irrespective of the time you give in reading.  This way one understands what is being read rather than just joking the words that make sentences and we read them as lines and paragraphs.


The second principle is creativity. This is a notion that is entirely forgotten when one starts reading although this is the main essence that leads a reader to know and understand what he chooses to read. Creativity is directly related to the way our mind perceives and captures idea’s to either utilize what is being read for harnessing our logical reasoning or to make it a pathway of evolving ideas that generate a new thought process rather than reproducing what is being learnt. Thus concentration is possible when and if we get to read a new phenomenon or a diverse expression that generates an essence of learning new things. If the write ups or expressions are monotonous a reader will more likely lose interest and eventually waste his energy and time in reading the particular written piece.


The last principle is correlation. . One may ponder over this principle and question why this is even important. .. but it is! For any person who is a reader.. must know the correlation between what is to be read and what is to be understood from what is being read. Not everything that is read is understood… so to be a good reader one should read thoroughly that requires concentration and a creative mind to accept and process the idea within one’s mind. This is where correlation plays its part.. a  reader should correlate the main idea that is being presented in the article with his own understanding and process it into the way he chooses and accepts to harness it and reproduce it into his subjective thoughts.

This is what makes one curious or inquisitive to read and learn.. and relate to his/her intellectual capacity. So it can simply be understood that to be a good reader one should be open to ideas but should know the correlation of reading everything but selecting an idea and reproducing it into new ideas that add to one’s capacity of devising a thought process. Therefore apply these three “C’s” to help yourself become a good reader but better at grasping what is mainly presented in the article you choose to read. Happy reading! !!
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