How to become a millionaire

How to become a millionaire is a dream of everyone. True the cost of living keeps going up, money has become a need, an undying necessity. Under such circumstances, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Money is coveted these days, but it was not with this intention that millionaires became millionaires. If you want to know the secrets behind their success, this is the right place. Through the experiences that some renowned millionaires have shared, this article explores how to be a millionaire.

America’s business magnate, Warren Buffet, is the largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. He is counted among the wealthiest people in the world. Further, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world-famous athlete and actor made a place for himself in Hollywood on his own. From the point of money crises in his family, Schwarzenegger has come a long way.To add to the list, Chris Gardner rose from miserable living conditions to become a millionaire. His mother was a strong woman and he gives her credit for whatever he has achieved. He is one of the best persons for providing tips on how to be a millionaire.

Thus, with the help of the wisdom shared by Gardner, Buffet and Schwarzenegger, I bring to light the secret of success behind most millionaires.

Discover Your Passion.


This is a very important mantra in achieving success. It is vital that you find your passion and set your goal. Once you’ve figured out your area of interest, chase after it and stay committed towards your target.

Use Your Full Potential.


When you make your passion your profession, it becomes easier to work and effortless to utilize your full potential. Always keep testing your limits and maximize your capacity to work.

Work Hard.

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There are no life hacks on How to be a millionaire. Hard work is the key to success. No short-cut will make you a millionaire (unless you plan to rob a bank!) Only hard work can lead you to the top of the ladder.

Positive Competition.

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Remember that there are many people running after the same thing that you want. Therefore it becomes crucial for you to keep an edge and outwit the others, but only through fair means. Always stay informed about your competitors.

Fight The Fear To Fail.

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Never be afraid of failure, because when you are, you limit your capabilities. The answer to How to be a millionaire becomes tough if you do not have the courage to face downfalls from time to time.

Believe In Yourself.

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Never underestimate yourself and always have faith in your capabilities. It is paramount to believe in yourself and never get discouraged or depressed by criticism. Instead, learn to take it as a compliment.

Don’t Forget Your Roots.

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Once you reach your goal, do not get carried away by what you’ve achieved. Do not ever forget your roots, the place where you came from. It helps in keeping you grounded and not forget the reality.

These principles are not very easy to follow. You need discipline and patience to make big dreams come true. So, if you are looking for tips on how to be a millionaire, here are some great ones that you can adopt as your principles for attaining success.


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    I like your seasonal reply, but I still think we should save for the rainy days. I’m planning to leave my day job at some point too and will take some down time. If I don’t have enough saving, then it would be very difficult to leave a steady paycheck.


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