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how to implement teaching strategies effectively in classroom

The process of evolution is continuous for teaching strategies since ages. Educational change is always on top priority of every nation, as it determines the future of new generation. Once teaching was teacher centered in which teacher has to read, dictate, write on board, check notebooks and take exams. Now its child centered, as interactive learning has been indulged in the classroom.

The role of teacher has now been changed from dictator to facilitator. The concept of Audio/visual aids has been added as a teaching aid for conceptual learning of students. New generation demands to be involved in the class, they don’t want to be silent listeners, so activity based teaching with full involvement of students is requisite.

Teachers are not the robots whose task is to complete the academic curriculum and take assessments. Top priority of teachers is to raise emotionally healthy children, as on many stages of life emotions matter more than intelligence.

But as teachers can only teach best if their concepts are clear similarly they can raise emotionally healthy children if teachers themselves are emotionally healthy. Just like heart is small organ shielded with ribs but vital for the existence of whole human body, as it pumps blood to all parts of body and receive back the blood as well. Similarly emotions cover small part in teaching strategies but vital for whole teaching process.

Positive emotions act as catalyst to generate positive learning attitude of students. Only the passionate teachers are capable to connect with students and make the learning process a fun and creativity for them.

Smile is a teaching strategy, without smile teacher can never reach the heart of students and if students don’t love the teacher, they can never like the subject she/he teaches. Smile of teacher removes barriers or communication gap between students and teacher. Students feel freedom of expression and fearless environment which will trigger their confidence for life long.

Activity based learning is the need of hour. Plan as many as possible activities for the children. Teach the students by involving them in variety of activities. Keep them so busy in activity based learning that they forget about the duration of class. Browse from internet for topic related activities or teacher should contribute her/his own ideas.

Class should be child centered where students are doing everything and teacher is acting as helper to them so that students can grab new ideas. While doing all the activities teacher should never ignore those students who are hiding in corners, lowering their eyes, bending their heads, showing themselves busy in searching items from bags or desks; as these are those students who need teacher’s attention the most. Boost up their energies by your smile and asking them to participate in activities, help them where they are deficit. As the teacher’s help or little guidance to accomplish their task will boost their confidence level beyond imaginations.

Mobility of teacher is requisite throughout the lesson. Active teacher can only make the mind of students active. Sleepy, lazy, idle or teacher in sitting position can never deliver lesson in an effective manner. But body movements of teacher shouldn’t be so much that students have difficulty to concentrate on lesson. Teacher should never shout on student as students feel insult when the teacher shouts on them. At times with passage of time they become habitual of shouting voice of their teacher and it will not matter to them how loudly the teacher shouts. As shouting voice only be ignored, unattended or also destructs the personality of the listener and speaker. Learning can never take place if teacher shouts on her/his students.

Teacher should always give special tips/tricks to students during lesson for learning, as it will produce a feeling in students that teacher is sharing some secrets to reach the top rung of ladder. Teacher should always be positive thinker and speaker, as positivity generates positivity. Parents raise their own children who are similar in chromosomal traits to them; teacher raises the whole new generation who belong to different families, socio-economic status and religions. Teacher is a mentor who uses to teach, love and help the students in an unbiased manner and regardless of their individual differences. So as a teacher always try to make a positive change by implementing teaching strategies in a way that you can reach heart and mind of students.

Noor ul Ain

Noor is a team member of Tipslo.com. she is professionally a statistician and data analyst. She holds MS degree in Statistics and working as a teacher.

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  1. Aatif Atiq

    Excellent contribution on the subject. Specefically writely highlighted that mostly students attend classes in a kind of fear and teachers also only focus on completing the curriculum. The element of dedication is totally absent from teachers side. Only a dedicated professional can highlight these aspects.


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