How to remove makeup

How to remove makeup has been most interesting thing for someone who starts doing makeup for first time.We have all heard our grandmothers going on and on about skincare. In fact to be honest the earliest memory I have of my mother is massaging her face gently with the ponds cleanser. The green lid one! Yes! It has been around for so long. Talking about skin care we all know that removing makeup is important, but removing it correctly is the point of concern here. Following these steps of properly removing makeup will surely get you good skin.

  1. Take makeup off every night

After a tired day after work or a fun filled weekend one feels really lazy and you desperately want to get to bed as soon as possible, but STOP.  This is such a crucial step. Always remove your makeup before you sleep because if not, it will clog your pore causing you to breakout. Even if you wore just a little amount of makeup you have to remove it in order to give your skin proper healing and breathing time. Skin automatically regenerates itself at night so if this process is blocked by clogged pores you are on a higher risk to acne.

  1. Remove mascara the proper way

Now who does not like fluttering those beautiful lashes all day long? So for the sake of your lash health take proper care of them by removing mascara. One of the most common mistakes that girls make is with mascara removal. Soak up a cotton pad with a good eye makeup remover and let it sit on your eye for approximately good 3 minutes. Now gently do tapping motions on the eye socket. After this step you should wipe off the mascara. You will be surprised to see that almost all of the mascara is off.

  1. Tie your hair away from face

Always keep in mind to pull up your hair in a bun or a chignon before you start removing your makeup. Letting your hair down will not only create a smell but also get the product on the hair. Pulling the hair back up will make sure that you get all of your makeup off even the hairline and sides of the face.

  1. Not just wipe away

Don’t just rely on makeup wipes when you are removing makeup. That maybe a solution for some busy days but don’t just rely on them. Makeup wipes take 80 percent of the makeup off your face but the rest of the 20 percent makeup just sits there. So after you wipe off the makeup gently make sure to use a makeup remover cleanser or mist.

  1. Lips first

Most of the ladies start removing their makeup from their eyes, which is fine but the recommended pattern is to remove the lipstick first. This would not smear the lipstick all over the face. So while you are cleansing or scrubbing there would be less mess.

  1. Reminders

Always invest in good makeup removers, or take a route to natural products such as milk, olive oil, coconut oil or rosewater. These products are not only time tested but also save you some bucks. The best alternatives to expensive products are the raw natural products. Simply use one of these items of your liking just like a regular cleanser on your face and neck and wipe away. You will be amazed by the results.


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  1. NoorNoor

    Awesome tips to remove makeup ….
    Specially mascara removing tips mentioned in article are quite useful….

    Moreover Makeup remover tissues with aloe extract are really helpful and easy to use. ….


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