Importance of education

Importance of education is something that no one can define. Yes, other than physical and environmental factors, two basic factors which discriminate human beings from animals are education and clothing. Education is requisite to direct our thinking, to gain knowledge, to explore the world, to build character, to be a beneficent part of nation and to complete our self.


Education is not all about the books and degrees. Education is life; implementing the material we have studied to our daily life. Education modernizes the patterns of life. Degrees, carriers and financial gains are also important, but secondary outcomes of education. Primary outcomes are personality development, character development, emotional balance, positive and creative thinking, mannerism, interaction in global village and knowledge.


Knowledge and mannerism are taught step by step from Kindergarten to high grades. Schools provide the basic framework, remaining is up to us how to utilize that knowledge and bridge up the journey from illiterate to literate. Education is a long time investment, we are not paying school fees; in fact we are investing for our future. Investment in the form of cash, which is utilized wherever required.


At times in debate or discussion with our age mates we often listen to comments that in old times, people used to have achievements without degrees. They used to earn a lot and lived a peaceful life, then why education is so important now? If we start from grass root level then an educated mother and an educated farmer are far better than 100 illiterates. An educated mother can give many educated generations, as education starts from mother’s lap and an educated farmer can apply multiple techniques to overcome constraints which hinder the crop production so both are beneficent for nation.


Education helps a person to get rid of myths and superstitions. An educated mind will keep on finding the logics behind the superstitions and myths. If no reason is found behind those myths, he will reject them. In old days there was a common superstition that if black cat crossed anyone’s path, his/her work would not be done. Recently I have found a humorous image on face book stating “if black cat crosses your path it signifies that animal has some urgent work to do, you also continue your work” and I agree to it, obviously black cats are not born to sit for life long.

Education helps to prevent oneself from diseases, provide knowledge of more preventive measures to protect from diseases and enables to take better care of own body and family’s health.


Education makes a person realize what peace is and how to maintain peace in the country. As it gives awareness about society and catalyzes to be an active and important member of society and nation. It elaborates the meaning of human equality and negates the discriminations on the basis of gender, race and socio economic status.

Education is basically the height of generation, where every individual has his position. To become a more responsible citizen and important part of nation, we have to work on our self first, but how??? By education.  As height keeps on increasing and every new generation has to achieve a greater height, so education is a continuous non ending process. Educate your mind; it will give light to heart and soul.

Noor ul Ain

Noor is a team member of she is professionally a statistician and data analyst. She holds MS degree in Statistics and working as a teacher.

2 thoughts on “Importance of education


    This is a very solid article on “importance of education”. Very nice comparisons of mother and farmer perspectives, both have different comparative advantages on the external domains of the world. The stages of personality development are clearly highlighted which are directly / indirectly affected by the element “education”. The major aspect is that, how we can internalize these processes within our personalities. When they are properly internalized, then they become the foundation stones of our personalities / institutions / organizations and affect cultures positively. The paper based degrees are the gateways that allows us to meet the minimum criteria to enter into practical world is nicely highlighted. The serious / sensitive flavor of “mythology” is touched in a very classic way. The beauty of this article is that, If we read this repeatedly and reflect back, this will always give new radiant dimension of life. Educational quotes, also made a significant difference, they worked as speed breakers in the article. The reader stop / think and connect with the religion, writer & time. This may give an idea about the evolution processes and deep rooted importance of education. The writer is requested to also highlight the importance of formal and non-formal education in her upcoming articles. Keep it up…….


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