Imran Khan Says Baby Bilawal

Imran Khan Says Baby Bilawal

imran khan says baby bilawal this is going to be a new Pakistan. Yes, recently, during Imran Khan visit to interior Sindh, Bilawal bhutto and Imran Khan waged war of words with each other.

Imran Khan said to Bilawal Bhutto you cannot be leader by portraying pictures of your mother and grandfather. He offered him leadership classes and asked him to join him as political student.

On the other hand, PPPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto retaliated by saying that Imran Khan (Bally Waly Sahab) just come to visit Thar to show off people.

Watch Full Video of Imran VS Bilal War of Words

No doubt, those politicians who have been playing Sindh card do not like Imran Khan to do Political Campaigning in the interior Sindh. To them, the biggest threat to their years of politics, is , Imran Khan.

Apart from this, a child also delivered stunning speech to people. To see his political acumenship, Imran got impressed and handed over muffler to that child.

Last but not the least, the words of Imran Khan; imran khan says baby bilawal happened to be trending on social media and main stream media and people made too much fun of both party leaders.

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