Is ISIS behind Paris attacks? The last Friday night deadly attacks in the capital city of France have killed at least 127 people. The French president Francois Hollande vowed to revenge ISIS. It is yet to decide whether the barbarian assaults were organized by ISIS or any other organization. The Syrian and Iraq based notorious organization ISIS has entitled the responsibilities of the attacks.

It is also arguable whether ISIS wants to take credit of the lethal attacks for just fame and create fear and horror among the people. So far nothing has been done in the investigation. The French government has called on a security meeting and announced a three days national mourning.

According to French police, Syrian and other nationalities passport have been found near the dead bodies. But, they cannot confirm. The passport holders may be visitors and Paris is the most visiting city in the world.

It cannot be surely said that ISIS is behind the terrible Paris attacks because; the terrorist organization has claimed responsibility of Russian Plane Crash in Egypt before. The Russian plan crash investigations are afoot.

Some security analysts think that ISIS may take responsibility of other attacks anywhere in the world to get fame and name in free of cost.

The French president has vowed to take revenge from the attackers with leaving no stone unturned.

In a video, the ISIS threatened France that the French would not live in peace unless the French army stops bombing in Syria.

It is also to note that why ISIS threatened France only. In US-led coalition force, Russian, French, American and German forces are also taking part.

There is a whirlpool over Syrian crisis. Rebels are being supported by US-led army and the government has full support from Russia but the US is against the Assad Regime.

Head of the states around the world are showing support and sympathy with the French people.

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