Mexican Sex Trafficking Victim Becomes Activist

Mexican Sex Trafficking Victim Becomes Activist

Mexican Sex Trafficking Victim Becomes Activist yes a 12 year old Mexican girl  Karla was trapped by a man who told her that “you are my princess”.  The girl did not know about sex industry and did what her boy friend asked her to do. Firstly, she was asked to do street prostitution and later she was brought into the dirty sex business.

Karla’s prince was actually a pimp and she was forced to prostitution for four years with never a day off. She was traveling all across the Mexico apart from doing sex with 30 customers on daily basis.

She calculates that by the age of 16, she was raped more than 43,200 times and when she was being raped, the rapists used to abuse her physically. When the news reporter inquired from the officials, they held the opinion that “Sex Trafficking is growing in the Mexico and this is a big industry”.

Last but not the least, she said that police men were also involved in this business and used to take money of making this business allowed.

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Lastly, Mexican Sex Trafficking Victim Becomes Activist is not working as activist to same life of other innocent girls.


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