Multiple Terrorist Attacks Rocked Paris

On Friday 13th November, a number of terrorist attacks rocked Paris. It is reported to have said that more than 100 people have been killed and the attacks were supposed to be coordinated and scheduled.

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alqaida attacks paris

The French President declared emergency across the country means shutting of all close boarders in order to protect country from any threat.

Moment Of Explosions Stade de France stadium Video

The French President showed his solidarity with affected families and asked them to stay calm and united at this situation.  On the other hand, President Obama has said that this is not an attack on French People but on the entire humanity.

Multiple Terrorist Attacks Rocked Paris

Media reports claim that the hostage situation is still there in Paris and people are really scared of something unprecedented. Besides, the security agencies of France have been directed to stay Alert.

President Obama on Paris Attacks Video

Eyewitness recounts Paris attack


Complete Video Of Paris Attacks


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