Natural Remedies For Summer Illnesses

“Summer is here!”

Natural Remedies For Summer Illnesses are used when temperature, the increasing humidity and constant perspiration, well these are not the only problems that one faces during summer. It is the era of global warming and summer is only going to get worse. Problems like sunburn, dehydration surface to the fore in this hot weather. To add further, diseases like cold, cough, food poisoning, chicken pox attack you especially during this weather. If you want to avoid seeing a doctor, then here are some natural remedies that you could try using at home for the common illnesses one comes across in summer.

Headaches are a very common occurrence in heat. They may also be caused due to stress or an allergy, but whatever the case, here is the solution! Lemon crusts are beneficial for headaches caused by heat. The crust should be pounded into a fine paste in a mortar and applied as plaster on the forehead. The consumption of apples, after the removal of the upper rind and the inner hard portion, is valuable for all kinds of headaches.

Chicken Pox is also a common case during the summer. However, there are natural remedies that could work! Add half a cup of brown vinegar to your bath of warm water. This helps in relieving the irritation of the skin. Also, Vitamin-E Oil, when rubbed on the skin, has a healing effect. Honey too is a worthwhile healing element when smeared on the skin.

Cough and cold are also common visitors during this weather. But don’t worry! There is a homely way out. Lemon juice is said to be helpful in all types of cold. Rich in Vitamin-C, it helps increase body resistance, decrease toxicity and reduce the duration of the illness. For cough, a cup of grape juice with a teaspoon of honey is advisable for relief.

Food poisoning, frequently witnessed in this hot weather, should not be taken lightly. Natural remedies include the consumption of ginger, garlic, honey, and bananas. Ginger cures any digestive problem. You could eat raw slices of ginger or mix its juice with honey.  Another remedy is to take two to three teaspoons of undiluted apple cider vinegar to dull the effect of food poisoning. And, of course, lemon is always there for the rescue.

Another commonality of summer is the Lyme disease. An easy way to fight Lyme disease is to take more probiotic rich foods. In other words, start eating organic yogurt, ginger, kefir and other milk products. The intake of garlic is also of value, as it possesses natural anti-bacterial properties. Green tea compounds, along with curcumin are beneficial as well.

Illnesses are never predictable. You can be their victim any time and anywhere. Although summer may make you feel excited, but do not underestimate your health. And even if you do, these easy, available, treatments will be present in your house. Take care of yourself this summer with these natural remedies. You never know when they might come handy!

Srishtika Prakash

Srishtika Prakash is a team member of She is pursuing integrated Masters degree in Humanities and Social Sciences with a major in English Studies. She has also been associated with Swash Enterprises.

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