New York Police dogs identified killers

New York police has claimed that their dogs – specially trained for identifying killers – have had scent of the killers (Richard Matt and David Sweat) who recently escaped from jail.

Sources claim that the dogs had scent of the escaped killers in vicinity of Northern area of the state.  It is believed to be perceived that the Matt  and Matt  are supposed to be on foot and their foot imprint has also been found at Cadyville location.

A senior journalist of a private TV channel claimed that both killers are not having enough resources to survive and they are also wet due to rain. Since their presence identification, police has cordoned off the area apart from closing some routes in order to speed up the investigation process.

Besides, the investigation authorities have also requested to people to close their doors. Schools have also been closed in the Cadyville area for security reasons. On the other hand, Joseph D’Amico the Superintendent of New York state police has told in his briefing that he could not tell what they were about to do and he was not aware of the happening.  Apart from this, he confessed before the media officials that we have learned that someone had assisted them to escape from the jail and we are seriously investigating the issue.

It has also been learned that a female prison employee was also involved in escaping and befriending the convicted killers and she was supposed to be pick them when they made their escape possible.  She has already recorded her statement before the authorities and she said she did not know what the game plan of the escaped killers was.

The situation in the New York is soaring to be gruesome.  It is said that more than 450 officials are participating in the searching of the escaped killers and they might be planning to do something really shocking for the whole country.








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