Pakistani Tube Launched

Pakistani Tube Launched yes a Pakistani company has recently launched a tube called  It is said that the tube is a clone site of youtube and supposed to contain unique video content to the fullest extent.

While interviewing to Tipslo, the company owner said that “we don’t want to violate copyrights but we have no control on the behavior of users” however we have provided many options to people to contact us to remove such content.

No doubt, the style and layout of the website is really awesome. It’s features are also nice. A senior member of the company said that we have really new features which make us stand out of the crowd like :-

  1. Featured Videos
  2. Uploading limit up to 3 GB
  3. Multiple Uploading up to 15 GB
  4. Flawless Streaming
  5. Incredible Service

In the end, the team of tipslo learned that there is no Pakistani Built Tube that has above mentioned features at all. Even big companies have sites with many bugs and errors. Hence, for streaming online, it is recommended to visit Pakistani Tube Launched



Victor Bloom

Victor is an official member of He is hailing from Dubai UAE. He is head of Middle East Affairs of Swash Enterprises. Stay tuned with his more tips and analysis to come.

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