Paris Attack Latest Updates

Paris Attack Latest Updates: Bataclan City Hall

Paris Attack Latest Updates: Bataclan City Hall had been the main target of the terrorists. It is reported to have said that more than 118 people have died in Bataclan City Hall and the hostage standoff.

The city official claim that there are possibilities of rising death toll as there is no exact figure of causalities. Besides, a local French news channel reported that 40 people killed in different areas of Paris and 100 killed at Bataclan City Hall.

An eye witness said to a media channel that a number of terrorists stormed the building and held hostage to people. After passage of some minutes, the terrorists opened volley of bullets at the crowd indiscriminately.

Bataclan City Hall

Paris Attack Latest Updates : the situation in Paris is gruesome and military personnel have been deployed. Besides, People have been directed to remain inside of their home and inform police in case they happen to see any suspicious activity.

Paris Attack Latest Updates: it is reported that there was suicide attack as well in a restaurant apart from blast near Stade de France stadium.


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