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Places to visit in 2015

Looking for Places to visit in 2015 , yes nothing is more exciting than an adventurous trip in an amazing destination. Whether you love beaches or jungles or even historical sites, it’s always amazing to see what the world has to offer. Sometimes, we are always in a dilemma when choosing a holiday destination because literally, there are so many places to have fun all around the globe. Despite the “huge” dilemma you might find yourself in, this article compiles a list of some of the best places to travel this year. Get your luggage ready because you are just about to discover some of the world’s top tourist attraction destinations.

  1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzer land is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has been attracting millions of visitors annually. Zermatt, is a famous car-free village in Matterhorn that is a main attraction site in the area because it offers incredible activities for visitors. Matterhorn is considerably one of the most photographed areas in the world due to its unique triangular shape. The area is great for activities like skiing in the Swiss Alp Mountains. The village hosts several amazing festival annually and the accommodation as well as food is just perfect.

  1. Corsica, Napoleon’s Soulful Island Home

Corsica is estimated to receive about 3 million visitors annually. Its most popular hotspot is the historic city of La Maison Bonaparte. The island’s mountainous interior is even more exciting. Some of the most exciting activities to engage in are horse-back riding, cycling, hiking, walking, water sports and relaxing in the spectacular beaches.

  1. Haida Gwaii

What makes the place amazing and a popular tourist destination is the silence. The dense forests with towering cedars and the amazing beaches, streams, birds have made Haida on the top list of UNESCO’s World Heritage destination. There are plenty of things to do and see, exotic food to eat, plenty of shopping to do and quality accommodation.

  1. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

The island consists of dense unexplored jungles, un-discovered white-sand beaches, and amazing aquatic life. Wildlife to see include sea eagles, monitor lizards, and long-tailed macaques. There are several exciting activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, dynamite fishing and other cultural activities. There is plenty to eat and drink as well as good hotels for accommodation.

  1. Atacama Desert, Chile

Travelling to the world’s driest desert sounds amazing, right? Atacama Desert is among the top tourist destinations in the world. The desert has unique looking cactus, geysers and salt flats. Surprisingly, the whole world was shocked when it snowed! There is so much more to discover in the amazing desert.

  1. National Mall, Washington D.C

The National Mall is not only famous for its unique architecture but also, it’s a where most of America’s iconic buildings stand. The landscape is amazing with beautiful trees and flowers; it’s a great place to take amazing photos. This is where the National Museum of the American Indian stands. The National Museum of African American History is due to be opened this year. The best time to go is during the annual festivals: Smithsonian Folklife Festival, National Cherry Blossom Festival, Marine Corps Marathon and Fireworks of America. There is a lot of fun and some shopping to do around the mall. Accommodation and restaurants are just amazing.

  1. Northern Italy

If you’ve never been to Italy, this year is the most perfect to make a visit because the World’ Fair event is expected to draw millions of visitors. More to that, you can visit Milan’s historic city center and see the most spectacular church in Italy, Duomo. Do not miss-out the Italian countryside, especially Lake Cuomo. The list of places to visit in Italy is endless.

  1. Bali

Bali is a popular tourist destination especially for diving, surfing, and exploring the amazing jungles. Explore the 10,000 temples which include the hillside temple. The natural beauty combined with the amazing cultural festivals is just incredible. The hotels’ services are amazing and the food combination is just great.

  1. Santa, Argetina

Salta is the home to some of the most amazing landscapes, colonial towns as well as some of the best wineries in world. Visit the Grand Canyon and Nepal Valley.

  1. Ireland

Ireland is famous for its lush green pastures and torrential rains. Ireland’s natural beauty is unmatched and has some of the friendliest people in the world. There is a lot do see and do. It’s one of the best countries to visit in the world. Visit the National Museum of Ireland, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo, the Burren and the list is endless.

The above mentioned places are the best Places to visit in 2015 if you really want to explore the beauty of the world.


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