PTI divided into three groups leaders

PTI Divided into Three Groups

PTI divided into three group Yes, Mubashiq Lucman has recently unveiled that most of the Party members are either involved in corruption or lobbying within the party.

It is as though as virus within. The senior anchor person further revealed that how PTI divided into three group and how many members have been using Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf platform to do corruption in his recent show.


It is also disheartening to see that International Party Members have also misused their authority in order to make some money. No doubt, Imran Khan is the only politicians and party head who has conducted intra party audit and inevitably there is not a single charge of corruption against Imran Khan apart from his close party members.

In this show Mubashir Lucman suggested to PTI chairman that though PTI divided into three group yet he has enough time to remove bad guys from the party.

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