Should Lesbian Marriage Be Legalized

Should Lesbian Marriage Be Legalized actually marriage is always described as a bond between man and women. A marriage between same genders cannot be considered a marriage as the basic purpose of the marriage is to reproduce so that the human race won’t extinct. Lesbian marriage, therefore, is not a marriage.

Violates law of Nature

A relationship that has its roots in the nature of mankind cannot be described as just a relationship. Law of nature depicts harmony and insists on following a path that takes an individual away from evil towards a path of good deeds. It’s naturally embedded in humans to know what is good and what can be bad for the person. Lesbian marriage violates the natural law of intercourse. The law is for every person not for specific and when such laws are violated one has to suffer things unimaginably.

Equilibrium in Family

Equilibrium in a family can only be maintained by having parents from the both gender as in a father and a mother. In lesbian marriage, this is not possible as they will be deprived of the male father figure. This will hinder their proper psychological growth. As different studies have shown that children raised by a single parent as compared to both parent figure have more problems and psychological issues. Lesbian marriage is ignoring this basic need of the child if they end up adopting the child from an orphanage.

Promote homosexuality

Lesbian marriage, if approved will end up facilitating in a positive concept of homosexuality. It will also promote a lifestyle of bisexuals and further use of transgender for this purpose. This it will be damaging the environment of that society and weakening moral values of that area.

Civil Right

People nowadays argue that it is sexual preferences come under marriage civil rights. They tend to forget that discrimination in a race for marriage and sexual preferences are two different aspects of life. Marrying a man or woman from a different race is not an insurmountable issue as it does not violate the rules set by nature whereas lesbian marriage issue starts from violating the basic rule for sex set by the nature. So it cannot be considered a civil right of an individual and same issue as a preferred partner from other race.

Human Race

In order to have a child either lesbian have to adopt it from the orphanage or go for a test tube baby. Well in both ways it’s difficult for the couple to initiate a family.

State Law:

A state is benefited from a marriage between a man and a woman as it produces offspring to increase human race and manpower for that state to prosper. If a state passes such law as making lesbian marriages legal it is basically promoting and implementing a law against the law of nature. This not only creates a problem in the society of that state but also the basic benefit that the state has from the marriage would not be fulfilled. Furthermore, state by doing such action will be telling their masses to go against their consciousness and accept something that is not write.

Sexual Revolution

Lesbian marriage if legalized can be taken as the sexual revolution. First in 1960s the immoral sexual relationship was promoted between man and woman that changed the outlook of society morals. Today, if this act is being legalized then the next step in this revolution would be accepting a sexual relationship with children so are we all ready for that?


Lastly, lesbian marriages are condemned in all religions let it be Christianity or Islam. Offending the God by violating the rules set by HIM should not be accepted. With the first marriage of Hazrat Adam and Eve God clearly defined this rule and how to go about it.

Changing the rules or regulation set by God can never be a sane doing. Everything has its basis. Nowadays so many diseases have penetrated in our environment due to such acts. So promoting lesbian marriage by legalizing it is not good for the state, society or mankind.

Iman Fatima

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