Sindh Government Corruption Scandal

Sindh Government Corruption Scandal Exposed

Sindh government corruption scandal exposed. Is it a news? Really? Phew! Corruption is the another name of Sindh Government. Yes, that’s truth, comrades.

Sindh is the only province in Pakistan where lawlessness and corruption are common issues. Sayen Sarkar “what to speak of his intellect and administrative acumenship” is professional in completing plenty of projects in documents. But, in reality, you will just find debris of mud.

Exactly, this is what has recently been exposed. Sindh government has been releasing 50 to 60 million rupees every year – in the name of ghost hospital – to Khairpur District. Well, where is the money? In Politicians Pocket or in Officials pocket? Ah! must be used for political campaigns?  These are the questions supposed to be asked from the Sindh government.

Sorry, my friend seems to be rightly saying “Pakistan hay kuch nahi hoga” (This is Pakistan nothing would happen). Yes, he is right. There is no law in Pakistan and supremacy of constitution. Law is only applied on the poor not on the elite.

This is not a new Sindh government corruption scandal  there has been many before. What happened? Where is NAB? Sounds like Big Tiger (National Accountability Bureau) Phew!

It’s true that our law makers are law breakers. And, what to speak of our civil administrators. They are just masters in cheating and frauds. Caution, not all buddy, but only black money minters.

Pakistan is on the path of progress , Ew, my friend chanted with loud voice, may be he was referring Punjab. The recent corruption scandals clearly show that there is no rule of law in the country and we waste our tax money by paying to departments meant for cleaning the country from menaces like corruption.

Watch Video of Sindh Government Corruption Scandal 

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