The top two tips on House Insurance

You value the roof over your head. It’s the place that you put together painstakingly.  A treasure trove of fond memories and an asset of commendable monetary value. Protect your home from the vagaries of nature and the uncertainties of time.Get that crucial house insurance quote. But before you do that, take a look at some of these insurance tips to ensure that you get the best deal.

Do you really need it?

Being a homeowner is a matter of great pride.  An abode that has taken countless hours of time, a lot of money and considerable effort to make it what it is today.  And it doesn’t end there. You continue to invest regularly to maintain it and keep it in pristine shape.

So is your treasured home safe? From natural disasters to the unknown -a short circuit, a leaking gas line or fireworks turning into an inferno.  Ensure that it is protected from unforeseen loss through a home insurance cover that meets your needs.  Take your time to search and understand the various options. Compare house insurance offers to get the best deal.

How much is homeowners insurance worth?

The first step.  Understand what your home is worth? Financial terms abound here. The moot point is to understand what your home is valued in current real money terms.  What would the current market pay to buy your house? Obviously it is not what you paid for when you initially bought the house. You need to do some legwork here. Go around, look online, speak to real estate agents even posing as a potential home buyer.  Get a better understanding of what the market is offering.

Once you have the real value of your house, factor in the significant investments.  The stylish furniture, the expensive electronic gadgetry and add on the fair market value of these items too.  Keep receipts of purchases safely. If possible, photograph or take a video. You may need all of these to prove your home’s value in case of an unfortunate incident.

Cheap house Insurance?

Cheap usually comes at a cost.  Don’t fall for the cheap house insurance trap.  The tip again is the same. Research well and don’t get pushed into making a hasty decision. Don’t fall into the “This house insurance quotewon’t last for long” bait that a lot of insurance agents will throw at you. Instead ask multiple agencies and gather feedback from friends and known associates.

Always compare house insurance quotes from the leading insurance companies and ask for discounts.  Find out what the average TAT (Turn around time) is in case of a claim. Their track record on this singular parameter may tip the scales in their favor.

Be aware of location based risk factors.  Since various insurers price the same kind of risk differently, knowing the risks that are most relevant to you will help you get the best deal.

So shop wisely and don’t get rushed. Your knowledge and awareness will be your best ally when hunting for the best house insurance quote.


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