Things You Should Know About Migraines

Things You Should Know About Migraines

Things You Should Know About Migraines are really important, Okay, i tell you. 

For all those who think that migraines are just another form of a headache, no they are not. And if you’ve never had a migraine in your life, you can’t talk about the immense torture a migraine makes you go through.

Your surroundings start to give you a chill.

The voices around you become the worst screeching.

The lights hurt your eyes, you resent them.

There’s a sudden hammering that begins at your brow.

And it shoots up to your scalp.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there.

That intense hammer-like pain then creeps at the back of your head.

And travels to the nape of your neck.

You can feel the impact in your jaws.

You feel like death would be better.

You feel like retreating into a dark corner.

Well here! That’s how  migraines begins. And I’m not kidding. It is one of the most horrible pains you’ll come across. So if you’re having a one-sided headache that feels unbearable, beginning at your brow, then it’s probably not a headache. It’s a migraine. And you should consult a neurologist.

When you go to the neurologist, which seem to be men most of the time, he’ll ask you questions somewhat like this.

“When does the pain usually begin?”

“Is it right-sided or left-sided?”

“How intense is the pain?”

“Do you vomit?”

Then he will probably prescribe you some scans, just to make sure that nothing’s wrong with your brain. And he’ll give you a list of things not to do, which would go like this.

No chocolates.

No coffee.

No paneer.

No cheese.

No irregular eating habits.

No irregular sleeping habits.

Most people get migraines in their late teens, early twenties. And if you are one of those like me, you already know that the above list is not really going to work out. Not the slightest bit.

He will prescribe you a regular dose that will get you drowsy and yes, it does help in keeping the migraines away. But in time, you get used to the doses too and they no longer make you sleepy.

However, it’s interesting how the neurologists never mention that alcohol and smoking are major triggers for migraines, especially when you fall in the most common age-group of people prone to migraines. They assume you’re too young to do any of those things. Or on the other hand, how they never mention that masturbation and sex can be really helpful in easing the pain. Though, the latter is quite subjective to people, but it does work out for some.

You see, migraines are really quite subjective. Everyone has a trigger for themselves, and it can be anything. You can not follow the list and still get away just with the medication. Or you could follow everything and still not get rid of it. Everyone’s experience of migraines is personal to them. Some might just have an intolerable headache, some go through bouts of vomiting and some have shivers.

You see, quite subjective.

Srishtika Prakash

Srishtika Prakash is a team member of She is pursuing integrated Masters degree in Humanities and Social Sciences with a major in English Studies. She has also been associated with Swash Enterprises.

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