Top 10 Helpful Tips for Making Your Home Green

Top 10 Helpful Tips for Making Your Home Green

Each and every one of us can make an individual contribution to the environmental cause by reducing the negative impact of climate change caused by the human factor. We can give you some simple suggestions on how to make our homes more eco-friendly.


  • Check your doors and windows


A lot of heating and cooling energy is lost when there are cracks in doors and windows and when the isolation is not good. You should inspect and repair them if needed, and also replace single glazed glass for double glazed glass windows.


  • Get proper thermal insulation


In addition to air-sealing your house, you should check your walls, the attic and floors to determine the R-values of your insulation and see where and how much insulation you should add for maximum energy efficiency.

Top 10 Helpful Tips for Making Your Home Green


  • Replace and switch off light bulbs


Replace your regular bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs which last 10 times longer and use 4 times less electricity. Don’t leave the lights on in empty rooms and when you don’t need them. Install light fixtures that don’t have many bulbs and position them in a smart way.


  • Unplug


Computers, TVs, DVDs and other electronic appliances use almost as much energy when they are on standby as when they are on. Switch them off completely and even unplug them when you are not using them.


  • Make use of the sun and the wind


Install big windows so you get enough natural light and heat coming from the sun, open the drapes and blinds and position your furniture so that you can maximize the benefits and avoid using lights during the day. Get fresh air by opening the windows instead of using air conditioning.


  • Ban smoking in the house


This is a really simple rule and a great way to keep your indoor air clean. Cigarette smoke causes cancer and respiratory diseases, and it also ruins our furniture and walls, so limit smoking to the outside areas.


  • Grow plants


One great way to go green is to have more plants indoors. They are natural air filters and in addition to cleaning of your air, they will improve the esthetics of your home. You can make a little herbal garden indoors by planting herbs that you can use for cooking and home remedies.

Top 10 Helpful Tips for Making Your Home Green - Green roof


  • Build a green roof


There are many benefits of green roof, not only it does look great, but it also: minimizes gas emissions, absorbs pollutants, makes buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, improves sound protection and gives you a place to hang out ‘in nature’.


  • Be smart with water use


You should pay more attention to keep your bathroom truly Earth-friendly. Clean water is becoming a privilege around the world, and we have to use it wisely. We can take showers instead of baths, wash the dishes in sinks filled with water, don’t leave the water running when we’re brushing our teeth and shaving.


  • Choose eco-friendly cleaners


We should replace toxic chemical cleaners with non-toxic, biodegradable ones to avoid air pollution and health problems. We can use safe natural cleaners or make our own ones using baking soda, citrus oils, white vinegar and borax.

As long as we take daily steps towards going green and make them into a habit, we are doing a lot for all of us and the planet.

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