Top 10 Holiday spots of 2015

This year, don’t make your holiday spots  as boring as it has always been. Same place, same activities, same food…its quite not-so-exciting and breaking the monotony might do you much good that you would ever expect. Below is a list of the best holiday hotspots that you should visit before the year ends.

  1. Yosemite in California

The giant waterfalls, wild-flowers meadows, giant sequoias, deep valleys and the rivers make Yosemite an amazing tourist destination. The splendid landscape offers more than the eyes can see and a look at Sierra Nevada Mountains is even more satisfying. Summer is the best time for fun activities like hiking, fishing, rafting and rock climbing. Don’t worry about accommodation and food as there are several lodging facilities in the area.

  1. Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco has an amazing history and has now become one of the hottest destinations in the world. Essaouira’s beaches are huge and the waters are great for boating, and other water sports. It also has some of the best restaurants offering exclusively amazing cuisines and international dishes. It’s definitely a major holiday spots.

  1. Memphis, Tennessee

There will be plenty of activities throughout the year in Memphis. It’s one of the most famous music cities in the world and a home to the famous musician, Elvis Presley. Some of the highly rated celebrations include Jailhouse Rock, a double-screen of Viva Las Vegas, auction of memorabilia, a ceremony declaring the eighth as Elvis Presley’s Day as well as a tribute concert. Other events include the opening of two new music museums: Memphis Music Hall of Fame and Blues Music Hall of Fame

  1. Madhya Pradesh, India

If you’ve always wanted to have a jungle experience, welcome to Madhya Pradesh and have an Indian jungle experiences. The jungle was featured in a new film adaptation that will be released this year. From taking walks through the jungle, safaris into the Pench tiger reserve and staying in the village owned accommodation at Sakata.

  1. Salisbury

The city of Salisbury expects to draw a huge number of visitors during this year’s 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The Salisbury Cathedral preserves the original copies of the cornerstone for English law. The first document to champion the rights and freedom of the common people is also preserved here. Other major events to be held include the week-long Flower Festival, and celebrations of the Lincoln Castle Revealed project. The British Library in London will be holding a major exhibition from March to September. Hence, visit this place in holiday spots season.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country; it’s famous for its amazing flora and fauna. The country is covered with lush green forests and has more than 60 parks and reserves. The magnificent beaches along are a popular tourist spot. Apart from that, Costa Rica has some of the most spectacular hotels and resorts. If you love adventure, Costa Rica is the perfect place for you.

  1. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is located halfway between Iceland and Scotland. Its main attraction feature is the 18-island archipelago which gives the visitors a thrilling experience. The island is also famous for its large number of sheep. Another reason to visit the island is because of its magnificent waterfalls, bird colonies and amazing fjords. The culture is quite wonderful with festivals and major events being held all through the year.

  1. Northern Sri Lanka

One of the biggest reasons to visit Sri Lanka is its beautiful beaches and amazing flora and fauna. Colombo is one of the main tourist destinations in Sri Lanka with National Parks and Reserves, waterfalls, mountains and valleys, National Museums, historical sites, beaches and amazing culture.

  1. The Azores

The Azores are magnificent volcanic islands scattered across the Atlantic Ocean and boasts of amazing wildlife, lush green forests, and black sand beaches and other spectacular sights. It’s perfect for taking holiday spots leisure walks, lazing on the beach, diving and watching wildlife.

  1. The Channel Islands

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the commemorations of the centenary of the First World War. The island is holding a five-week Heritage Festival from April to May. Tunnels and bunkers dug in the island will be open to the public for the first time this year. There will be guided bike rides, tours, walks, concerts and firework display on the Guernsey’s picturesque at St. Peter Port seafront.




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