Top 10 Most Livable Suburbs in America

Suburbs are some of the best places to live in; because they offer close proximity to the city and are less crowded. Suburbs are mainly categorized by the median house income, commute times, poverty and crime rates, house affordability and public school rating. In America, most home buyers are moving to the suburb each year in large numbers. One of the most influential things in the suburbs is low crime rates, close proximity to the cities, availability of social amenities, cost of living, employment rates as well as house affordability. Here are some of the most livable suburbs in America.

  1. Grandview Heights

It lies on 45 acres of parklands with a population of approximately 6,536 and a household income of $80,729. Grand Heights scores an 8 on the Great School rating board.

  1. Montgomery, Ohio

The suburb is only about 22 minutes to Cincatti records low crime rates, low cost of living and has good schools whose score in the Great Schools board is 9. The suburb has a population of approximately 10, 251 with an average household income being $ 109,799.

  1. Brandon , South Dakota

It’s one of the top places which record a low crime rate. It has a high poverty rate of 4.3% and boasts of an average household income of $ 66, 766. Its Great Schools score is 9. The area has a population of about 8,785. It’s also 18 minutes away for the Sixon Falls.

  1. Germantown, Tennessee

Germantown has a population of 38,844 with a house hold median income of $114,520. It’s only 20 minutes away for the Memphis area. Its great school score is 10.

  1. Fox Point, Wisconsin

Fox Point area has a population of 6,701 and has no recorded crime rates.  Its average household income is $102,552. Its Great Schools score is 9. Fox Point is located along Lake Michigan, which is only a 21-minute drive from Milwaukee, Waukesha in the West Allis Area.

  1. Leawood Kansas

The area has a total population of 31,867 and the fourth-highest median income of $134,242. It has low crime rates and a Great Schools score of 9. It borders three cities which can be reached within a short time. Kansas is only a 20-minute drive.

  1. Dublin Ohio

Dublin is one of the largest suburbs with a population of 41,751 and an average household income of $114,183. It’s relatively a low-cost place with a high quality life. As for education, its Great Schools score is 8.67. The suburb is only 22.1 minutes drive to the Downtown Columbus. Its also the home to a famous golf course known as Muirfield Village Golf Club.

  1. Carmel, Indiana

The beautiful town has a population of 79, 191 and a household income of $107,505. The suburb is about 25-minutes away from Indianapolis, Carmel-Anderson metro area. The town is famous for its 4th July weekend Festivals. Its Great Schools score is 10.

  1. Huntington, Michigan

Huntington has a small population of 6,238 and a median income of $112,593 annually. Its situated outside of Detroit, Warren and Dearborn metro area. It’s a low cost living area and ranked as one of the best suburbs in America.

  1. Powell, Ohio

Powell has a household income of $133,133 which is the 4th highest and a population of 11,500. Its Great Schools score is 10 and Columbus is only 25-minutes from the suburb.Other suburbs include Villa Hills in Kentucky, Zionsville in Indiana, Wyoming in Ohio, Elm Grove in Wisconsin, Mountain Brook in Alabama, Mequon in Wisconsin, Beverly Hills in Michigan, Yarmouth in Maine, Plymouth Minnesota, Hudson in Ohio are most livable suburbs in America.


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