Top 15 Useful Tips To Become a Successful Freelancer

The road to a successful freelancing career is a rough one. Not everyone makes it through to the end.  Freelancing is not as easy as it sounds…truth is truth. Just like in other careers, it takes efforts, good discipline, determination, and sacrifice. Starting out as a freelancer is even much harder. However, getting to know some few tips might actually help you make it big in this industry. Here are some of the best tips that you might find helpful.

  1. Create a Perfect Business Plan

You need to have all your business ideas written down in one fine document. Without a business plan, how do you make your first step? It MUST clearly outline your intended project needs as well as how to achieve the set goals.

  1. Create a Work plan

Don’t get caught up by the deadline before the completion of a project. It would be much easier if you plan your time in advance before starting any projects so as to avoid rushing when deadlines catch-up with you.

  1. Create and attractive Business Logo

No single client would want to hire someone who looks unprofessional. Create that great logo that will grab the any client’s attention.

  1. Create a Good Website/Blog

A good website is essential for any freelancer. It clients see you as a professional who is good at what he does.  Your clients will easily find you here and maybe, they might want to use your services. Thus, you won’t have to market yourself that much.

  1. Your Website Content Must Provide Meaningful Information

People will not just buy a product from your website. They want to know more about what they are buying. Also, ensure that your website blog is not boring. You can add some videos as well as other features to make it attractive.

  1. Keep Updating Your Website/Blog

People want fresh content every now and then. Furthermore, who would want to even take a galnce at a website/blog that has not been updated for month?

  1. Be on the look for Competition

Whether you are a blogger, web designer or other freelancing businesses, you must learn a lot about your competitors. Try and beat them in every way and use skills and techniques to attract a huge following to your business.

  1. Improve Your Market Brand by Marketing

Clients will always go for the best brands in the market. Make your brand stand out from the rest.

  1. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

We all need some help and as a freelancer, you will need people to guide you, encourage you and share your sentiments with them. This way, you won’t get lost in the middle because you’ve got a shoulder to lean on.

  1. Make Your Clients Come Back by Offering Them Free Services

This might cost you a lot. However, you must spend every dime trying to form good relationships with your clients. Offer free guidance, free gifts and they will keep coming back for more.

  1. Treat Your Clients With Respect

Good clients are hard to come by. Treat them with respect and help them in whichever way. Remember that these are the same clients who will spread positive information about your business.

  1. Market Yourself

Don’t wait for clients to come knocking at your doorstep. Find them. In today’s world, marketing your business or skills is much easier. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to market your business.

  1. Manage Your Finances Properly

Money is essential to any business. Track your expenses and make daily calculations so as to know whether you are just floating in there without making any profits. Avoid debts and aim to think like a professional when it comes to handling business money.

  1. Learn To Balance Your Life and Work

No matter how demanding you business is, you need to create time for yourself so as to relax the body and mind. Don’t overwork yourself.

  1. Pay Yourself

As stated earlier, freelancing is no easy task. Once you get that well paying project, don’t hesitate to reward yourself. After all, you sweat your palms to achieve that!

Remember that most of the successful freelancers you see or hear today have gone through a lot of stuff to get where they are.  Keep moving and don’t stop till you achieve your dreams.


Swash is an entrepreneur who is deeply involved in many online and offline joint ventures. Swash is also CEO of Swash Enterprises - offering online business solutions - and running a couple of different businesses.