Top 5 Reasons you should not Make Pakistani Boyfriend

Top 5 Reasons you should not Make Pakistani Boyfriend

Having a Pakistani boyfriend or girlfriend is a normal thing today. But the unfortunate thing is that in Pakistan boyfriend thinks of his girlfriend like his private property. He thinks that if she is in relationship with him she doesn’t have right to take decisions by herself.

In this article, we have pointed out major problems of having a Pakistani boyfriend.

  • Private Property

Pakistan society is a male dominated society. That is the major reason here. Yes, in Pakistan, a man thinks that he has a right to make fun of every girl. He can date 4 girls at a time because he is a dude. However, when any one of those 4 girls frankly talks with another guy, she is a bitch. It means that if he does the same thing, it’s called “RAASLEELA” but when a girl does the same it’s called “CHARACTER DHEELA”.

  • Dress Code

Pakistani men think that, they have the right to wear whatever they want. They can wear shorts in public with long hairs on legs to impress girls in public. Yes, they display hairy chest pictures in whats app groups and feel proud of it. If they happen to see girls wearing jeans and shorts, they gossip “ Kya cheez ha kash yeh mari hoti ” . They expose their manly character when their girlfriends wear jeans combined with long shirt in public places. You know what they say? Nah! Hold on, they will say “why are you exposing that much Kisko dikhana ha?”

  • Skeptical in nature

A Pakistani man is skeptical and stereotyped by nature. He is really narrow-minded. For example on a date, the first thing most of the Pakistani boyfriends do, they check their girlfriend’s mobile. Yes, it is lol. When girls do check cell phones of their boyfriend, they find “No record Found”

Yes a Pakistani Boyfriend is skeptical by nature. He thinks that if he is of sub-standard nature, his life partner or girl friend must be having the same traits.

  • No response of calls and messages

If a girl calls her boyfriend 100 times, leaving 1000 messages whole day and he does not give a reply the excuse is

“Sorry I was busy with my friends or family”. On the contrary, when a girl does the same thing, she would be blamed of many stupid stories.

  • KonTha?
  • Bohat Close Friend tha?
  • Sedha yeh ku nahi kehti mere busy honay ka faida utha kar mera alternative dhundlia ha
  • Sincerity

Pakistani men in beginning of a relationship think themselves like Shahrukh Khan (King of Romance). They chant dialogues like “Hum aik baar jeetay hain ,aik baar martay hain , shadi bhi aik baar hoti ha aur pyar bhi ek bar hota hay”

But after passage of two months of relationship, they repeat the history of SRK who said all that to Rani Mukerji in Kuch Kuch Hota hay Movie and after few weeks fell in love with kajol and got married.

There are many other problems associated with Pakistani boyfriends. But, the positive thing, that we must appreciate is that, when they are sincere, they are more sincere than a wild dog.

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Sumbal is holding Mphil Degree in Statistics. She is associated with Swash Enterprises and actively focusing on trending topics.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons you should not Make Pakistani Boyfriend

  1. khadija

    1st ye concept hi galat ha Allah ki manni chahia hmein na k apna sarparast bae ya abu ki boyfrnd to aisi chez ha jis ka concept hi nae hona chahia 2ndly mard sare aisa hota not just pakistani

    1. SumbaliSumbali Post author

      Yes ye concept hee sahi nahi, i agree with you. But, humen ye b nahi bhol na chahiyeh ab hum boht Aagy nikal chuky hain. Secondly, i disagree with you, there are many good Pakistani people i personally know. I have respect and value for them. I wonder why you are so against men :)

  2. adil

    My standard response would have been that you are generalizing and sweeping age old stereotypes about Pakistanis. We don’t have dating culture in gender segregated society of Pakistan. Only outgoing, extroverts get to date in Pakistan because they are generally confident. majority of Pakistani men don’t have the courage to approach anybody. But i will not deny your experiences with Pakistani men. It would be rude of me to do so.

    Sure you should go for non Pakistanis if you can. Both Pakistani men and women are just stuck with each other because of lack of better options.

    1. SumbaliSumbali Post author

      Dating culture does not exist? Are you sure? You are from Pakistan living in the Urban area? Pakka na? If yes, then, phew! with LOL.
      If i started showing you dating videos, you would be shocked young man. As far my personal life is concerned, i have – as per law – absolute right to choose any Muslim. But, i have already chosen Pakistani man :)

      1. adil

        Do you understand what dating culture means? I am not talking about couples sneaking around. If police catch those couples they will slap charges against them. Dating is only for the privileged ones. Majority Pakistani men are brought up in a gender segregated environment. That’s why they don’t know how to behave around women.

        We are all a product of our circumstances. If we were born in civilized and enlightened western societies we would know how to treat womankind. In short i agree with all your points above but your advice that nobody should not make pakistani boyfriend is not pragmatic. Because women cannot find non-pakistani men to date in Pakistan.

        As i said both men and women are stuck with each other because of lack of better options.

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