Top 5 tips to travel in Dubai

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Are you planning to visit the UAE? Are you looking for the sun beams to catch throughout the year? If yes, then my tips can help out perfectly to travel across the UAE.

Like developed countries, Dubai has excellent transportation system. The RTA (Road Transport Authority) uses modern means of transport to facilitate commuters in the best way.

The main transportation mean which you will frequently use that is the DUBAI METRO. It is run vertically and horizontally in the city of gold.  All stations and the cabins are fully air conditioned.

Regarding, payment, You can use monthly and daily electronic payment card or you can get tickets from designated stations.
metro1 metro 2 metro 3 The Dubai Metro

The second mean of transportation is the Red bus. The buses will take you to all the corners of the city, and same electronic card is also used for ticket payment.

duabi bus1 dubai bus 2

The third mean of transportation is the Dubai Tram. This is the same tram which we use in Europe. But, the Dubai Metro is much better than the US and the Britain. The Dubai tram, so far, facilitates only coastal areas of the city.

dubai tram1

The fourth source of transportation in Dubai is the Dubai Tax, which is also managed by the RTA. Here, you have to pay cash or use credit card.

I can say, Dubai, which is known as gold city, has all modern means of transport. You must visit Dubai to enjoy sunny beaches, wonderful architecture and breathtaking desert safari trip.


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